Kundali bhagya 22 November 2021 written update – Rishabh doubts Sherlyn

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta tells Rishabh that she can see the efforts Sherlyn is doing for him. She says that Sherlyn has changed suddenly. Rishabh says that she is right. He tells her that yesterday also she showed concern towards him. She asked him to sleep on another side of the bed so that he doesn’t get disturbed. She says that every day his sleep is getting disturbed because of sunlight and that’s why he is having headaches. Rishabh thanks her for showing care. Preeta tells her that she can see the happiness on his face.

Rishabh started blushing. Preeta tells him that she knows there are some things between husband and wife that can’t be shared by anyone. Rishabh says there is nothing like that. Preeta says she knows he is hiding something from her. She says that it’s good that everything is getting normal. She tells him that he should tell her what he is feeling for Sherlyn. She says that one shouldn’t hide their feelings. Rishabh asks her to please don’t say anything like this. He says he will think about it. Then he goes away. Rishabh thinks that he never thought that he can fall in love.

Preeta hopes well for Rishabh and Sherlyn’s relationship. Karan comes back. Preeta says that he came back so early. He says that he wants to spend some time with her. Preeta says that she knew he came back because he forgot his car keys. She asks him to go for practice. Rishabh goes to Sherlyn and there he hears her talking to a lawyer for Prithvi’s help. When she sees the shadow of Rishabh she changed her statement that she doesn’t want Rishabh to get out of jail. Rishabh confronts her. She tells him that he heard wrong.

Rishabh says that she is right. Sherlyn thinks that she can manipulate Rishabh very easily. On the other hand, Rishabh says that he trusts himself and he knows that Sherlyn was lying. He says that today he will find out the truth. He thinks that if Sherlyn was lying then he will not let her hurt his family again and if he will prove wrong then he is not a good husband. Sherlyn is going somewhere, he follows her. Prithvi’s lawyer goes to meet him in jail and Sherlyn also goes there. She tells the lawyer that she has arranged the money. Rishabh goes inside and sees Sherlyn with Prithvi and gets shocked.

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