Kundali bhagya 23 November 2021 written update – Rishabh confronts Sherlyn

At the beginning of the episode, Prithvi thanks Sherlyn for helping him. She says that she don’t want his thank you she wants his love. He says that he is very luck to have her in his life. Sherlyn says that she loves him so much. Rishabh see them and gets shocked. He goes away from there. He remembers how Sherlyn made plans to get married with him. He says that Sherlyn has betrayed him. He says how could she do this to him? He thinks to himself that was Sherlyn actually lives him? He says that if he was drunk then how could she do anything to Sherlyn that night.


He says to himself that he might be overthinking. Sonakshi is thinking about Karan. Then she goes to dinner table and tells rakhi that she will help her. Mahesh and kritika are watching cricket. Rakhi says that they are not going to come downstairs. She ask the servant to serve them food upstairs. Preeta also comes there. Sonakshi ask him where is Karan. She says that Karan has gone for practice and he will come late. Then she ask her did she feed pihu? She says yes and now she is playing with her toys.


Rishabh also comes home and he is drunk. Preeta goes to close the door and realises that Rishabh is drunk. He directly goes to his room. After some time Sherlyn also comes home. She is about to have dinner. But preeta ask her to take dinner for her and Rishabh upstairs because he is also watching cricket. Then she goes to Sherlyn and tells her that Rishabh is upset and she ask her to lift his mood. She says okay. Rishabh is thinking that why Sherlyn hurt him?


When Sherlyn comes to the room she sees that the condition of room is not good. Then Rishabh tells her that it was her plan to get married to him. He says that he didn’t do anything to her on that Holi night. He tells her that he give everything that she deserves as a wife. He says that he wants to listen from her that the child in her stomach wasn’t belongs to him. He says that child was of Prithvi. He says that she betrayed him. He says that today he saw everything. He ask her to don’t come closer to him. He says that he wants to listen from her that Who is the father of that child?

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