Kundali bhagya 24 November 2021 written update – Sherlyn confess everything to Rishabh

At the beginning of the episode, Kareena and Bani are discussing about the weather. Bani says that she feels so negative because of this weather. Kareena ask her to stop feeling so negative it’s just a weather. Sonakshi says that soon they will feel a storm in this house. Preeta is worried for Rishabh. She says that by now they should have had their dinner. Sonakshi ask her why she is looking upset. She says there is nothing like that. Sonakshi says that she can can tell her. She says that the weather is not good and she is waiting for Karan.

Kareena ask her to stop thinking about Karan always. She says that now she is a mother and she need to focus on pihu. Preeta says that Pihu is sleeping. Meanwhile, Pihu comes and tells Preeta that she is feeling scared. She needs her to fall asleep. Kareena tells Preeta that she is very irresponsible towards Pihu. She says that she should have take care of her. Sonakshi says to Preeta that she can handle pihu if she is busy. She ask pihu to come with her. Pihu says no. Bani says that Preeta is the mother of pihu so she can handle her.

Rakhi interrupts ans says that If pihu hot scared then there’s no fault of Preeta. She ask them why everyone starts scolding preeta for small things. She ask preeta to take go to her room with pihu. Kareena tells bani that Rakhi forgets everything when it comes to preeta. Pihu says sorry to preeta. She says that because of her everyone scolds her. Preeta says that they re making her understand something. Then she sings a lullaby for her and made her fall asleep. Then Preeta calls Karan and ask him to come home early because she is not feeling good.

She also tells him that Rishabh is upset and maybe he needs him. On the other hand, Sherlyn tells the truth to Rishabh. She says that he is saying the truth and she was always lying. He ask her to confess everything in front of his family. She tells him that she can’t live a man like him because he is not a man enough. She says that she feels excitement and freedom when she is with Prithvi. She tells him that she hates him. He is about to slap her but he stops.

He says that he is a man enough that’s why he stopped. He says that he don’t need a character certificate from her who is already don’t know anything about her character. Rishabh goes away from there. Sherlyn’s words are ringing in his mind and he feels frustrated. Sherlyn goes in jail and tells Prithvi that she told the truth to Rishabh that she loves him and the father of her child is Prithvi.

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