Kundali bhagya 25 November 2021 written update -Rishabh leaves the house

At the beginning of the episode, Prithvi tells Sherlyn that she has created a big mess. He says that she is the only way by which he can be able to ruin Luthra’s. Sherlyn says that she is also a human being and she can make mistakes. Sherlyn says that now everything will be ruined. He says that nothing bad is going to happen. He asks her to go back to Luthra’s house and leave that house by herself and then everything is going to be alright. She says okay. When she reaches there, she sees that Rushabh is Leaving the house.

Preeta and everyone else tries to stop him but he didn’t stop. He told everyone that he is leaving to London. Preeta gets tensed for him. She ask Sherlyn what happened between her and Rishabh. Sherlyn says that she don’t know anything why Rishabh has left the house suddenly. Rakhi started crying. She says that something big have happened with Rishabh because he is not like this. Kareena says that she is also worried for Rishabh. Bani ask them to calm down. Then Sherlyn goes to her room and see that Rishabh has taken away all his stuff.

She says that now everything is sorted and now she have to continue her acting of being a good daughter in law. Preeta comes in her room and says that she is looking so relieved. Sherlyn ask her to stop reading her mind. She says that she don’t know why Rishabh has left this house suddenly. Preeta says that hope she is telling the truth. Sherlyn hopes that someone let Preeta out of this house. Meanwhile, Sonakshi goes to bani, Kareena and Rakhi. Kareena ask her what happened? She says that she can’t even show her emotions towards Pihu like them as she is her real mother.

Bani says that she can give love to pihu as much she wants. Then Sonakshi says that she is feeling like Preeta is not able to take care of pihu properly. Kareena says that she is right. When Preeta comes everyone scolds her. They ask her to stop thinking about everyone and start giving time to pihu. They Kareena says that if she is not able to take care of pihu then she can give her to her real mother Sonakshi. Later, Karan comes and preeta hugs him. He ask her what happened? She says that she is just tensed for Rishabh. He says that Rishabh is fine.

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