Kundali bhagya 26 November 2021 written update – Pihu got kidnapped

At the beginning of the episode, Prithvi ask Sherlyn to promise him that she will ruin the life of Rishabh. Sherlyn says that she will definitely do it. Bani ask Rakhi did she tell Mahesh about it? He says that she told him that Rishabh has gone for a business trip and he told her this one week ago but she forgot to tell him. Rakhi says that it is difficult to tell the truth to Mahesh. Then Preeta comes and serves tea to everyone. Pihu comes and tells Preeta that she is ready. Rakhi tells her that she is looking so cute.

Preeta tells her that she is going to drop Pihu at her friend’s party. Sonakshi says that she has to do something big to get the place of preeta in luthra house. Preeta goes to drop Pihu at her friend’s birthday party. She ask her friend’s mother to take care of pihu and call her once the party is over so she will come to pick her. She says okay. Later, Kareena ask Sherlyn where is she? She says that she has gone to meet Rishabh’s friend to ask him where is Rishabh? She says that she is very tensed for Rishabh.

Kareena says that she cares for him so much. Preeta comes back home and goes to bani. Bani says that her legs are paining. She says that she is giving her hot bag so that she get some relief. She says okay. Preeta says that from tomorrow they will start doing exercise. Preeta forgot her phone there and bani goes in washroom. Sonakshi goes in the room and picks up preeta phone when Pihu’s friend mother calls her. She tells on the phone to come to bring pihu after half an hour.

Sonakshi deleted that call and send her a message to bring pihu after one hour. She saved her number by the name of Roma in Preeta’s phone. Then Preeta checks her phone and sees that message. Then she goes to give medicine to Mahesh. Mahesha says that if he is very luck to have her as his daughter in law. Then Sonakshi goes to pick pihu but someone kidnaps pihu in front of her. She says that she don’t want this. She just to bring pihu home so that she get scolded by luthra. She comes and is scared. Karan ask preeta that where is Pihu? She says that she is in a birthday party.

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