Kundali bhagya 26 October 2021 written update – Preeta tells the truth to Rakhi

At the beginning of the episode, Rishabh eats the food made by Sherlyn. The food is spicy and doesn’t taste good, but still, he eats the food and Sherlyn gets happy. Preeta goes to tell Sherlyn that visiting time is over but she sees him happy and lets her stay some time. She goes outside and try to find Rakhi. She finds Sameer sitting in a corner and he is crying. Preeta asks him what happened and where is Rakhi? He tells her that Rakhi is very upset and wants to stay alone for some time.

He also tells her that Rakhi was telling him that she can’t live without Rishabh. Preeta goes to console Rakhi. She tells her that if she gets weak like this then how will everyone handle themselves. She says that she is the one who is handling their family and she needs to be strong. Rakhi says that she is feeling like Everything is going to be ruined. She says why God is doing this to her. She says that this time it is the fight between her faith in God and a mother. Preeta asks her to calm down.

She says that tomorrow Rishabh will be with them. Preeta tells her that Sandeep is fine and nothing has happened to his legs and tomorrow he is coming in court and speaking in our favor. Rakhi tells her that they should tell this now to the police. Preeta says that the mastermind behind this plan is someone else and they need to catch him. Rakhi asks her who is the mastermind behind this plan? Preeta tells her that Prithvi is the one who is doing all this, he wants Rishabh to be in jail. Rakhi says that now she is going home and getting Prithvi out of her house.

Preeta tries to stop her from doing this. She says that if they confronts Prithvi then he gets alert and tries to run away or make a plan to remove all the evidence against him. Rakhi says she is right. She asks her then now what are they going to do? Preeta asks her to pretend In front of Prithvi that they didn’t find anything. When they reach home Prithvi tries to console Rakhi that he is also her son and can do anything for her. Rakhi is looking angrily at him. Preeta asks Rakhi to come with her because Pihu is calling them.

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