Kundali bhagya written update 27 July 2021 – Preeta gets a shocking news

Janki calls Sherlyn at the beginning of the episode. Sarla asks her why is she screaming. Kareena and Sherlyn also come there and wants to know what is wrong with her. Janki goes to Sherlyn and informs her that she is aware of her actions. Sherlyn is shocked to hear her.

Kareena wants to know what she wants to say. Rakhi asks her to speak clearly. Janki wants Srishti to tell the truth to everyone. Srishti is about to tell but Preeta interrupts her. Janki asks her not to come in between. Kareena and Rakhi do not understand what Janki wants to explain after all.

Sherlyn adds that there is a misunderstanding between her and Preeta. She also apologizes to Preeta. Kareena wants to know why she is apologizing, what happened? Janki instructs Preeta to tell everything but when she does not say anything, Janki wants to reveal Sherlyn’s secret.

Srishti stops her. She hugs her and instructs her to keep quiet. Janki leaves from there in anger. Preeta follows her. Sarla is also about to go after her but Srishti stops her. Preeta explains to Janki that she has to keep calm for the sake of the family’s happiness. She adds that she need not worry. She will take care of her child.

Karan comes there and Janki asking her to promise that he will take care of Preeta. He mumbles yes. Then he comes inside. Rakhi notifies Karan that Preeta was missing him a lot. Preeta smiles. Rakhi asks Karan to accompany Preeta to the hospital. Furthermore, Rakhi and Dadi want Sarla to accompany them but she refuses as she has some work.

The next morning everyone gets on the bus. Mahesh wants to know where is Rakhi. Kritika tells him that she is in Baby’s room. Mahesh goes to pick up Rakhi. Kareena also wants to go to check if everything is fine or not. Dadi further explains to Sherlyn that she needs to be happy as soon happiness will come into her life too.

Sherlyn angrily thinks that she is very sad because of Preeta but no one cares about her. Everyone thinks only of Preeta. There Dr asks Preeta to get some tests done. Here Mahesh comes to Rakhi and they talk about Preeta’s child. Mahesh smiles at her words.

Mahesh calls Preeta and asks her if everything is fine. Preeta says yes. Mahesh informs Preeta that he is very happy because of her. He also takes Karan on the call and thanks, Karan, as he is going to become a grandfather because of him. Then Mahesh asks them to come home. Later, Preeta goes to Dr and Dr tells her that she is not pregnant. Preeta is shocked.

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