Kundali bhagya written update 28 July 2021 Preeta is not pregnant!

At the beginning of the episode, Dr tells Preeta that she is not pregnant. Preeta is shocked and says that she has confirmed that she is pregnant and she has also been told by Daima and she has also checked with the kit. The doctor explains to her that all these things are wrong and she is not going to be a mother. Preeta does not believe it. She wants to get the checkup done once again but the Dr explains to her that she herself has checked her reports and she is not pregnant.

At the same time, she informs her that she has a problem with her uterus and because of this, she can never become a mother. Preeta gets sad and leaves from there. Preeta remembers the happy faces of her family and feels pain. She cries a lot. There Kareena is checking the bags. Karan comes home and asks about Preeta. Sherlyn tells him that she has not come yet. Kareena says that she will come soon.

Karan sees that Kritika has taken too many bags. She and Sameer make fun of her. Karan goes to his room. Just then he gets a call from Sonakshi and she wants to know if he is coming with the whole family. He answers yes. Sonakshi gets happy. She asks him to come as soon as possible. Karan hangs up the phone as he has to do the packing. Karan wonders where Preeta is.

Preeta comes home. She is still disappointed. Kritika asks Preeta to get ready as soon as possible. Kareena informs her that Karan is waiting for her. Preeta shakes her head in yes. She starts crying while sitting on the couch. Rakhi calls her and invites her to the children’s room. Preeta goes there. Rakhi gets excited seeing her. She shows Preeta the decoration of the room and wants to know if she liked it all.

Rakhi tells Preeta that Preeta’s child is going to be like Karan. He would be quite mischievous. Preeta’s eyes moisten. Rakhi adds that the child is going to have qualities of both Karan and Preeta. And she can’t wait to have her baby in her arms. She hugs Preeta. Kareena and Kritika come there and take Rakhi from the room. Here Prithvi calls Sherlyn. Sherlyn does not want to talk to him.

Prithvi tries to convince her that he did all this for her only. But Sherlyn clearly says that now there is no relation between them. Preeta and Sameer overhear his words. There Prithvi is upset thinking that Sherlyn has broken up with him. He thinks that Sherlyn is angry right now so she is saying all this but when she calms down everything will be fine. Preeta thinks that she should tell the truth about the child to everyone. Karan sees her crying and hugs her. Everyone gets happy seeing them. They tease them.

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