Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 11 July 2021 Weekly Written Update

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya 2 is a show about the love of Pratigya and Krishna. Pratigya is an educated girl and she is a public prosecutor. She believes in justice and her husband Krishna always supports her. Nine years later after her marriage she finds herself conflicted between her duty and her emotions.

Last week we saw that Krishna recalls that he was with Pratigya on the day of the accident. Krishna stops the car and came out of it. Krishna started telling that I am betraying my wife for a long time because of you. Pratigya tells him because of me you realized the importance of love. Pratigya came back home and Sumitra asks when you will go from here or you are thinking about any trick to stay here only. Sumitra says none of your tricks would work so take your bag and leave. Meera held her hand and was about to drag her out suddenly Krishna came there. Krishna tells Meera to leave her hand and says she won’t go anywhere. Sajjan Sing tells him why you are not on your words as you stopped Meera by saying that Pratigya would leave this house. Krishna told them I don’t want any debate on this topic and if anyone has objection to my decision he or she can leave this house and go.

Adarsh came inside the room and pretends to be sad in front of Komal. Komal asked him what happened  tell me? Adarsh told her no in this house accept me as I bought a saree for Sumitra but she burnt it. Later she went to change and Adarsh took out a file in which there were photos of family members. Adarsh picks Sumitra’s pic and says now it’s your turn and puts a cross on her photo. Sumitra tells Krishna that you haven’t taken us for vacation for a long time. Krishna told her you are right and today I am not having much work. Sumitra says we can’t go suddenly like this as we have to look after household work but if you have time then I would suggest you take Meera. While they both were roaming outside Krishna thinks of Pratigya and thought of buying a bracelet for her.

Krishna came into the room and saw a photo of his with Pratigya hanging on the wall. Krishna shouts and asks who hanged this over there. Meera thought now it would be more fun. Krishna hit that frame on the ground and says I won’t accept such activity. After he left Pratigya says I know this would be the idea among you all but making fun of the truth won’t turn it into a lie so soon I will prove you all. Krishna was telling Pratigya not to live in a hope that you would take my wife’s place so don’t do all this. Pratigya says I haven’t done this and what’s wrong in loving you. Krishna told her you were the second lady so don’t try to take my wife’s place. Pratigya slapped him. On the next moment, Pratigya apologized but he went inside the room without listening further.

Pratigya went to convince Krishna but she stopped seeing Sumitra and thought I should convince him later when no one would around him. After she left Sumitra to ask Krishna what happened? Krishna told her I imagine Pratigya everywhere and yes I was having affair with her in past. Sumitra thought Krishna consider Pratigya as her second love so I need to take advantage of this. Sumitra saw that bracelet and thought about who gave this to her. Sumitra taunts Pratigya that you don’t have any shelter to Live but you have money to wear such an expensive bracelet. Pratigya told her someone gifted this to me. Sumitra accused her of buying this after selling my old bracelet.

Sumitra was trying to snatch her bracelet bit Krishna told her to sit back as I brought it for herself. Meera started shouting and telling him that why you bought that for her and if you were so interested to buying gifts for her then why you took me shopping you might have taken her. Krishna got irritated and was about to slap her but Pratigya stopped him. Meera gathered all Pratigya’s clothes and set them on fire. Sumitra gave her servants clothes to wear and says you deserve this. Pratigya came in servants’ clothes over there and Krishna gets angry seeing him in those clothes. Sumitra acknowledged him that Meera set all her clothes on fire because o her activities. Krishna scolds Meera for burning her clothes and tells her to for and bring a saree for her. Pratigya saw that saree and remember that this saree once Krishna gifted her.

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