Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 2 April 2021 Written Update – Krishna is intoxicated

At the beginning of the episode, krishna enters the home and he is drunk. Pratigya tries to control him but she is not able to handle him. Everyone comes outside after listening to the noise. sajjan singh asks him why did you come home today after drinking? What happened to you. He says everything is alright I’m fine. Komal comes and helps pratigya to handle krishna. But pratigya says that I can handle him you go and take care of kriti and garv. Pratigya takes the krishna to the room. While shakti’s kids say that they know about the murderer of balvant Tyagi’s son. After going to the room Krishna starts murmuring about radhe. Pratigya calms him down and says you are feeling sad because you are very fond of radhe.

Krishna is about to tell pratigya that why radhe has died but komal comes and stops him and says to pratigya that you should go and check garv and kriti as they both are not sleeping. She says to krishna What are you doing just for the sake of yourself you are going to tell everything to pratigya. We have to keep this as a secret for garv’s sake. she gives him shikanji and made him sleep. While samar is going to tell shakti about the murderer of balvant Tyagi’s son but he says that he will tell him on one condition if he stops pratigya to force him to go school. Then shakti says tell me everything then samar says that the murderer is from our house. He says that he will tell the rest of the story after you stop pratigya chachi to force me to go to school.

Pratigya goes to garv and kriti’s room and tries to make her understand that sajjan singh is not a gangster. She is very angry as sajjan singh uses his gun. Pratigya says that you should talk to me so that you feel better. kriti asks her that why dadu used his gun then pratigya says that he also puts his gun down when he thinks that shakti tau can be wrong. She tells her and makes her understand that sajjan singh is a good man. She says tomorrow she will go to her sajjan dadu and tells him that now she is not angry with him.

Balvant Tyagi tells his workers to target a gun on him as he is angry. After a while, his brother comes and stops everyone and he says what are you doing. After this balvant Tyagi studies the family tree of thakur sajjan singh and comes to know that krishna who is helping him differently is the husband of pratigya.