Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 7 July 2021 Written Update -Krishna slams Meera

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna was doing his running exercise, Pratigya too joins him. Pratigya apologizes to him and says the morning apology are the purest apology so you should not ignore it. Pratigya says if you really love Meera then you won’t have any attachments with me but it’s not like that we both like each other so I got hurt from your words. Krishna tells her if I would do this then you would play your feminist card. Krishna told her I haven’t beaten any girl yet. Pratigya recalls when he slapped her once and are you sure your haven’t beaten any girl as you lost your memory. Krishna says this trick is nice as I don’t remember anything then you will put me in guilt.

At the dining table, Pratigya saw Krishna was along with Meera. Pratigya was about to serve him juice but he took the jug from her. Then Pratigya settled down. Krushna praises Meera for making cooking everything according to my wish. Sajjan Singh says I also won’t get such a daughter in law. Meera was feeding him but he says why you would feed me today I will feed you. Pratigya saw them and went off in between. After seeing her leaving the table Krishna too left the plate. Sajjan Singh says chameleon also doesn’t change its color so soon. Meera gets furious and left the table.

Meera went to Pratigya and tells her that now you have seen that Krishna love’s me a lot and he praised me too in front of everyone but I don’t know why you spin around him every time to spoil my relationship with him. Pratigya told her you to need to understand that what he did was to make me jealous and when someone tries to do this it means he loves from heart. Meera told her that Krishna had cleared everything that I am her wife so he won’t get into your words now.

Pratigya told her Kirshna tattooed my name once on his hand without asking me so if you would come out from all these small things then you would get to know about the reality. Sumita came to Adarash and apologies to him. Sumita gifted him and said, I have no complaint against you because I have accepted you from your heart. Komal tells him Sumitra hardly apologizes so forgive her without thinking too much. Komal tells Sumitra that today you won my heart.

The next morning Krishna came out in aggression and ask who wrote Meera’ss name on my hand. Sumitra says what’s the big deal in it it’s just a name. Krishna scolds her for doing all these while I was sleeping and I don’t want to show off my love and if this repeats I won’t bear this.

Krishna went and wipe out her name suddenly he gets a strong feeling that previously I was having a tattoo of Pratigya’s name.

Pratigya was thinking about how to convince Krishna and recall him about the past. Didi came to her and asked what happened? Pratigya acknowledged her about the happening. Didi told her you have to convince him as he did once when you were angry with him.

Pratigya went to convince Krishna but she stopped seeing Sumitra and thought I should convince him later when no one would around him. After she left Sumitra to ask Krishna what happened? Krishna told her I imagine Pratigya everywhere and yes I was having affair with her in past. Sumitra thought Krishna consider Pratigya as her second love so I need to take advantage of this.

Upcoming Story- Sumitra tells Krishna that Pratigya would try to take Meera’s place so you need to be alert. Meera took all the clothes of Pratigya and brunt it.