Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 8 July 2021 Written Update – Sumitra accused Pratigya of stealing her bracelet

At the beginning of the episode, Sumitra hugs Krishna and tells him that it’s nice you are slowly remembering everything but what you said, now you already told everything previously itself. Krishna, ask do you know everything previously itself. Sumita says yes but I didn’t tell to anyone because Meera would get hurt as she loves you so much. Krishna says I am not getting how I can do this to Meera. Sumitra says it’s not your fault because Pratigya trapped you as she is always after married boys and she is willing to take Meera’s place or else you send her from here.

Kids were feeling hungry and she asked Meera to serve us but she told them where you were when everyone was having their dinner. Meera tells them don’t trouble me as I am already fed up. At the same time, Pratigya came there and told them to sit down and I will serve you. Pratigya taunts Meera that if you love Krishna then you have to love everything related to him.

Pratigya went to Krishna to apologize but he told her it won’t get anything so don’t waste your time. Pratigya says this hand slapped you so it would get punishment. Pratigya puts her hand on a lighted diva. Krishna came running and removes her hand from there. Pratigya says once you also did the same thing for me. Krishna asks her if we both were loving each other so much then I how I got married somewhere else. Pratigya told her you would slowly get to know everything.

Sajjan and Sumitra were watching them. Sajjan says romance is going on in between them. Sumitra says I am afraid if Krishna gets mad again for Pratigya. Sajjan told her we have to make him believe that Pratigya is his second lady.

Krishna gifts her a bracelet which he is for him and told her to go and rest.

The next morning Meera was talking to Krishan but he was ignoring him. Meera apologies for writing her name on his hand but Krishna says it’s my choice whether I have to write or not. Meera asks it mean I am not your choice? Krishna told her don’t catch my words like this and I am feeling hungry let me serve breakfast.

Meera went to the dining table and waiting for Pratigya. Sumitra saw that bracelet and thought about who gave this to her. Sumitra taunts Pratigya that you don’t have any shelter to Live but you have money to wear such an expensive bracelet. Pratigya told her someone gifted this to me. Sumitra accused her of buying this after selling my old bracelet. Pratigya was not willing to take Krishna’s name.

Upcoming story- Krishna accepted that he bought that bracelet for Pratigya. Meera gets furious and Burns all the clothes of Pratigya