Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 Written Episode Update 9 July 2021 -Sumita try to create suspicion between Krishna and Pratigya

At the beginning of the episode, Sumitra accuses Pratigya of stealing her gold bangles and buying a new bracelet for herself. Sumitra was trying to snatch her bracelet bit Krishna told her to sit back as I brought it for herself. Meera says Krishna is trying to save her I know him very well he won’t bring anything for her. Krishna didn’t say, anything then Meera got to know that Krishna gifted her that bracelet. Meera started shouting and telling him that why you bought that for her and if you were so interested to buying gifts for her then why you took me shopping you might have taken her.

Krishna got irritated and was about to slap her but Pratigya stopped him. Krishna put his hand down and went off from there. Sajjan said, every time there is a scene created over the dining table.

Meera was feeling bad and insulted that Krishna was about to slap me and he stopped because of Pratigya. Sumitra came to her and says like this you would hurt yourself. Meera asks what should I do as slowly he is getting close to Pratigya but I won’t let her do this at any cost.

Krishna came to Pratigya and apologies on behalf of Meera. Pratigya told him it was my fault that I wore this bracelet and on top of that I accepted this gift was my biggest mistake. Krushna scolds her for opening that bracelet and forced her to wear it back. Pratigya wore that bracelet back but Krishna didn’t like the way she was returning the gift.

Meera gathered all Pratigya’s clothes and set them on fire. Everyone tries to stop her but she didn’t stop. Meera told Pratigya you were trying to attract my husband by wearing these fancy clothes but now I will see how you will do that. Komal asks now what she would wear? Sumitra gave her servants clothes to wear and says you deserve this.

Sajjan and Sumitra called Adarash and told him we need to play that game again as Krishna is getting his memory back so we need to make him believe that Pratigya is a characterless girl and greedy for the money.

Pratigya was praying to God to make Krishna remember about my love and our past. Adarsh secretly acknowledged Pratigya that Sajjan and Sumitra want me to play that game again with but I am with you so tout just needs to ignore me because I want you to win this fight for justice.

Meera came to the dining table. Sumitra scolded her for not wearing any jewelry and told her to go back and dress your properly. Pratigya came in servants’ clothes over there and Krishna gets angry seeing him in those clothes. Sumitra acknowledged him that Meera set all her clothes on fire because o her activities. Krishna scolds Meera for burning her clothes and tells her to for and bring a saree for her. Meera said, I won’t pass her my bad habit and you are telling me to give her a saree. Krishna himself went and bought a saree for her and says when you wish to buy clothes just tell me. Pratigya saw that saree and remember that this saree once Krishna gifted her.

Upcoming Story- Pratigya acknowledged Meera that this saree once Krishna gifted me and today also he picked the same saree. later Krishna was searching for Pratigya but Sumitra try to manipulate him by saying that she went for shopping along with Adarsh. Sumitra thought of creating misunderstanding between them so that she can’t win from her.