Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 written update 13 July 2021 -Komal spoils the plan

At the beginning of the episode, Everyone was sitting together and having sweets Sumitra says where is Pratigya as she was not at the dining table too. Meera says Adarsh is also missing, God knows what’s there in Komal’s fate. Sajjan Singh said, nowadays they both are coming close to each other. Krishna gets offended and shouts at them for speaking nonsense. Komal says I don’t like this closeness between them. Meera said we should find them as where they both went.

All were searching for Pratigya. Sumitra took Meera with her and open the storeroom. Pratigya and Adarash came out of the storeroom. Sumitra screams and gathered everyone over there. Krishna recalls his past and says I have seen this previously also, Pratigya was betraying me. Pratigya thought he is not remembering the whole matter and it would go against me.

Krishna grasped Adarash’s collar and started beating him. Komal came in between and told him you don’t have any idea about the truth as there was nothing in between them. Komal tells Sumitra to speak up the truth that it was all your plan because I won’t let him consider Adarash wrong. Sumitra pretends innocent and says I don’t know anything there might be something between them. Komal told her not to use Adarash for your conspiracy or else I will speak up the truth. Sumitra says fine I understand everything. Krishna, ask what you understand me to let me know also.

Krishna shouts at them for hiding my past from me. Krishna says I can’t believe anyone in this house and my own people are doing this with me. Krishna told them I won’t get into anyone’s words till I find the truth.

Krishna was standing alone at the balcony and thinking when I will recall everything. Pratigya came to him and told him I can understand your pain so believe me it will also go off soon. Krishna told her I don’t want your suggestion so go from here. Pratigya was convincing him to have a glass of milk but he left from there.

Komal was telling Adarsh not to get into anyone’s plan and why you didn’t speak up the truth when Krishna was beating you. Adarsh says how can I take Sumitra’s name. Komal told him if I wouldn’t come in between the. He might have killed you but this time I won’t leave Sumitra.

Meera was telling Sajjan and Sumitra and your plan failed because of Komal as Krishna started doubting us in spite of Pratigya. Meera told them I telling you all to sent Komal back from here as she is spoiling our plan. Sajjan Singh shouts at her and told her don’t teach me what I have to do. Meera told him if I will lose my husband and then you will also lose your son. After she left Sumitra told him this time we have to do something different or else Krishna won’t forgive us if he once regains his lost memory.

At the dining table, Sajjan Singh was asking Krishna about work progress but he ignored him. Krishna tells Adarash that why you lied to me that you don’t know Pratigya previously as we both work together so now how I would trust you. Adarsh told him when I used to study law there I was under Pratigya. Krishna says no one told me that she is a lawyer too. Krishna told Adaradt that now I want to know the whole truth.

Upcoming Story – Pratigya slams Meera by saying that I haven’t seen a wife like you. Meera says you can use any slag for me but the result is final that you won’t get Krishna at any cost. Pratigya told her now I will do that which I should have done previously itself.