Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 written update 14 July 2021 Pratigya confess the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna tells Adarash that I want to know the whole truth so tell me. Pratigya came and says I know everything exactly so let me tell you the truth. Krishna told her you to stay out of it as I want to know from him only. Adarsh told him I was working on a case in which I took her help. Krishna asks what was my involvement in that as you helped to burn out me.

Meera started screaming and accused Krishna of having an affair with Pratigya. Meera told him I am fed up with living in a hope that you will understand me but now I don’t have any patience and it’s better if die before seeing all this.

Sumitra tells Krishna no wife will accept any other women getting close to his husband. Pratigya was thinking Meera is too clever as she changed the topic when she realized that she might get exposed. Krishna angrily went off from there. Pratigya thought what type of family is this that they himself troubling their son but I have to do something for him.

Pratigya came to Meera and told her that I never thought you would be so cruel as I trusted on you once and choose you for Krishna but I was wrong. Meera says you can use any slag for me but the result is out that you won’t get him back. Pratigya challenged her that now I will do what I haven’t done previously.

Pratigya was asking Krishant why you are sitting alone here? Krishna told her I don’t want to talk so leave from here. Pratigya told him I want to acknowledge you something but he was not willing to listen to her. Pratigya says I am the only wife which you are not remembering and no one is telling you this because they are taking the advantage of your memory loss. Krishna says don’t speak nonsense. Pratigya insists him try to remember why you always miss me not Meera. Suddenly Meera came and told her not to trap my husband. Pratigya says now you are totally exposed so there is no need of acting too much. Suddenly Krishan got a headache and he fell unconscious.

The doctor examined him and told them not to give him stress anymore as he need rest. Sumitra blames Pratigya for Krishna’s situation and told her because of you previously also he suffered ad today also you did the same with him. Pratigya pleads in front of God for Krishna’s betterment and requested God to make him well soon. Garv started blaming Pratigya for Krishna’s situation and told her we won’t forgive you if anything happens to him.

UPCOMING STORY- Krishna packs her bag and decided not to stay in a single room with Meera till he gets to know about the truth.