Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 written update 15 August 2021 weekly

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya 2 is a show about the love of Pratigya and Krishna. Pratigya is an educated girl and she is a public prosecutor. She believes in justice and her husband Krishna always supports her. Nine years later after her marriage, she finds herself conflicted between her duty and her emotions.

Last week,

Pratigya tells Krishna she hasn’t gone anywhere someone has kidnapped her. Then she called to lodge an FIR. Krishna told her she might be somewhere here only I am searching for her. Meera made a call to Pratigya and Kesar told her that it would be Shakti’s conspiracy because the same day Krishna dragged him out of the house. Shakti was taking Kriti with him but Krishna spotted him. He took out his gun and told them not to move or else I will kill her. Adarsh also came there and try to convince him to put his gun down. Krishan says she is also like you daughter how can you do this with her. Shakti says my own brother didn’t think for me then who am I to think of her. Pratigya told him what you will do with this innocent in all this. He told her I will make a deal out of her then only I will sit in peace. Krishna says I will finish you for dragging kids in between our mess.

Shakti was about to shoot her but eventually, Kesar shoots on his back. Kriti escaped from his trap and went to her parents. Shakti turned around and saw Kesar was standing with a gun in her hand. After shooting him she left her gun. Shakti fell down on the floor and died. Sumitra screams in the house for killing her son. She scolds Kesar for killing her son. Pratigya tries to defend her then Sumitra told her you have manipulated her for this. Adarsh told him he was willing to sell your granddaughter. Sumitra tells him to keep quiet.

The priest was performing the last rituals for Shakti. Sumitra told him to do for both if my son Shakti and Krishna. Everyone stood in shock. Krishna was telling Pratigya that I use to forgive his every mistake but he didn’t change. Pratigya says I can understand your feelings as he was your brother only. Krishna says now also mother considers me as the culprit now who will make her understand about the situation which occurred. Krishna told her you can scold me later but leave all this now. Sumitra says if you want to perform the autumn then first drag Pratigya out of the house. Krishna says it’s not right to blame her for every situation and if she would go from this house then I will also go with her. She tells him you are just a husband of a wife not more than that.

Sumitra tells the priest to perform the autumn for my two sons Krishna and Shakti Thakur. The priest told her this won’t happen as he is alive. She told him if you won’t do then someone else will do it. Krishna was asking Samar that why so much grudge against me Samar told him you are dead for me and I don’t want to keep any relationship with anyone who had killed my father. Meera told them I am leaving this house as I got a job. Kesar comes back home but Sumitra told her I let you come in.

Adarsh tells Komal to sign on papers. Komal told him I can sign this type of hundred papers for you. He told her these are divorce papers and this is the end of our relationship. Komal asked what about your revenge? He told her I can’t live in this house as I feel suffocated. Komal pleads to give her a chance but Adarsh denied it.

Kesar was cooking tasty food for Adarsh so that he could change his decision of leaving her. Sumitra came into the kitchen and try to manipulate her against Krishna and Pratigya. She tells her that one day they both will make you clean the gutters. Komal says it’s nothing like that I am cooking for Adarsh by my own wish. Sumitra says he is not so innocent as he has some motive behind coming into this house. Komal says it’s fine I have also troubled him a lot.

Sumitra plots against Kriti and she meet an accident while swinging on the Swing. Sumitra threatens Pratigya that now there are more twists waiting for you. Later, Adarsh gave a bouquet to Komal and tells her to decorate the room as today it would be a surprise for her. Komal happily agreed to it. Pratigya and Krishna were talking about whether Sumitra is trying to take revenge by targeting Kriti and Garv. There Komal was decorating the room with rose petals and candles.

The next morning Adarsh opened the door and that woman went off. After she left Komal entered the room without saying anything. Adrash wonders how she can be so calm. Later an envelope came for Krishna. He told them it’s a DNA report of kids as earlier when he was not able to recall anything properly. Kids started asking about it. Krishna says now I got you so there is no use of it. Pratigya opens the envelope as kids wished to see it. Then she remains in shock after seeing that Garv’ss DNA doesn’t match with Krishna’s DNA.

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