Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 written update 15 July 2021 Sajjan Singh’s evil plan

At the beginning of the episode, Garv tells Pratigya if anything happens to dad then you will be the culprit. After he left Pratigya felt like because of her Krishna is suffering so she should leave this house. Adarsh heard her self-talk and says I don’t know you are so coward. Adarsh told her just God is taking a test and how you can leave this fight of justice in between as you need to fight till your last breath. Pratigya wiped out her tears.

Krishna regained his consciousness and recalls that question which Pratigya asked her that why you always imagine me everywhere instead of Meera. Krishna stood up started packing his stuff. Al the family gathered over there and started asking where you are going? Krishna told them I won’t live in this room till I learn the whole truth. Sumitra says before you were not so excited to know the truth this time Pratigya has manipulated you for this. Krishna didn’t listen to anyone and leftover from that room.

Meera tells Sajjan Singh that after knowing the truth he won’t live with me it means my journey was till here only. Sajjan Singh told her not to panic let him live alone for few days. Later, Sumitra was telling Sajjan Singh that throwing Pratigya out of this house is not so easy. Sajjna Singh told her just wait and watch how I will teach her a lesson with my own style.

Pratigya was wishing that everything could be normal like before then it would be so nice but now I am unable to understand what to do. Pratigya was about to leave the room Krishna stopped her and asked why you were telling that you are my wife. Pratigya told him you just rest down as the doctor as told you not to take the stress. Krishna told her I don’t want your suggestion I want to know the truth. Pratigya says the truth is just I love you. After saying this Pratigya left from there and Krishna was thinking that I don’t know why my heart wishes to believe you blindly.

At the dining table, Sajjan Singh says I have sent Adarash to Banaras for some work he will be back soon. Sajjan Singh told Krishna that there is no need to pretend like you are angry as till now I never stopped you for anything but today your have to come with us for a Puja in the temple which your Amma wants to perform with you and there is no need of any outsiders to come along with us.

Sajjan Singh tells a goon to kill Pratigya while we were in the temple and this murder should look-alike a case of theft, not a planned murder. Kirti listens to this and rushed to acknowledge Pratigya about this but Sumitra took her along with herself. Pratigya found Krishna’s favorite locket which he uses to wear every time.

Kriti was thinking about what to do now? They all went to the temple and there Sajjan Singh told the priest to perform a Puja for my son as he is always surrounded by troubles. There Pratigya was taking to Krishna’s photos frame that I would be waiting for you to confess your liver as I did. The goon secretly entered the house.

Upcoming story- Pratigya came to pick the call and that goon grasped her hand and fear her with a knife putting near her neck