Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 written update 16 July 2021 Sajjan Singh is exposed

At the beginning of the episode, All the family members were at the temple and performing Puja. Sajjna Singh was excused from there. Kirti recalls he was saying that goon that he will call at 12 on the landline then you catch hold of her from the back.

Sajjan Singh made a call and Pratigya attended it. Suddenly the goon grasped her hand from back and put a knife near her neck. Kirti was feeling helpless for not being able to do anything. Anyhow Pratigya pushed him and escaped from there. The goon was searching for her and she hid in the kitchen. Sajjan Singh signals Sumitra that his plan worked well.

Pratigya made a call at the police station. Kirti was also thinking of taker someone’s Phone to make c call. Kirti saw a girl and pleads with her to let me make a call. Pratigya was secretly climbing up the stairs, suddenly she gets a call from Kirti and she was requesting her to escape from there. Before Pratigya could do anything the goon catch her again. Pratigya was asking him who sent you and what you want. Pratigya tries to escape again but this time she stumbled and fell on the floor.

All the family members completed the Puja and moved towards home. As they reached home and saw a police jeep along with the ambulance. On asking Krishna got to know that one lady died in your house. Krishna rushed inside screaming Pratigya’s name. Krishna saw a body was covered with a white cloth. Meera tells Komal that she might end up her life as we didn’t take her to the temple.

Krishna removed the white cloth and saw that there was someone else dead body over there. Everyone was shocked to see the strange dead body. A lady constable came with Pratigya and the police officer told them we haven’t recorded her statement just take care of her as she is very much scared. Pratigya ran and hugged Krishna tightly. Meera get’s jealous seeing her close to Krishna.

Sajjan Singh asked how all this happened? Pratigya acknowledged them about the happening. Komal thinks Pratigya is having a stroke of good luck as the death changed his path seeing Pr Krishna tells the police officer that I won’t bear this so catch the culprit as soon as possible. Meera thinks Krishna got a reason to stay close to Pratigya.

Kirti says I know who plotted all this. Krishna asks her who did all this? Kirti took Sajjan Singh’s name. Everyone looks on.

Upcoming Story- Kid’s was apologizing to Pratigya for misbehaving. Krishna heard kids calling Pratigya “mom”. Krishna thought there is something big which is hidden from me. Krishna makes a call for the DNA test.