Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 24 August 2021 written update – Krishna, Pratigya Get Romantic

At the beginning of the episode, Pratigya was telling Krishna it’s unbelievable that Samar tried to kill her own mother. It’s very painful to see that our upbringing would let him do this. She tells Krishna that today they saved Kesar but how many times we would save her so we would hand over him to the police. Krishana says she is right we can’t let him become like Shakti. Kesar heard their conversation and requested them to give him one more chance as she would bring change in him. Pratigya agreed to her.

Sumitra was telling Samar that before Krishna drag her out of the house she would destroy this house. Adarsh packed his bag and told Komal that he is going from here permanently. Komal took his bag and set it on fire. He tells Komal that by doing all this he can’t stop her. Komal thought about what she should do to stop him. Adarsh was about to exit from that room suddenly he saw Komale banging her head against the wall. He stops her from doing that.

Krishna saw Pratigya tensed and asked her what happened? She told him that she is worried as Sumitra might do something. Krishna told her to forget all this and look around at the decorations he did for her. Suddenly they heard Kriti screaming. Adarsh was applying ointment on Komal’s injury. She told him that if he tries to leave her then she would kill herself and Adarsh would be blamed for all that.
Krishna and Pratigya went to Kriti’s room. Pratigya got scared seeing cockroaches over there. Krishna tries to scare her a little more. Garv acknowledged to them that it’s a fake one which he brought to scare them. Then Pratigya runs after Garv to punish him for his mischievous act.

The next morning Adarash wakes Komal with tea and a rose. She asked him whether she is dreaming or really he is doing all this for her. Adarsh told her that he won’t go anywhere leaving her now. Komal get’s happy and hugged him. After waking Krishna and Pratigya get’s romantic and then Krishna helps her in getting ready.

At the dining table, kids were copying Krishna. He jokingly scolds them for doing that. Then Krishna told Sumitra that very little time is left with her. Krishna told them to predict where he is going today. Kriti said he would get a tattoo of Pratigya’s name on his hand. He says her daughter knows her very well. Pratigya was telling him to do it later but he says he would get it. Sumitra thought it’s the right time to take revenge.

Upcoming story- Pratigya gets an unknown call that Krishna meets with an accident. After she left Sumitra locked kid’s in a room and was about to set it on fire.