Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13 June 2021 Weekly Written Update

Pallavi, a widow again married to an egoistic man Raghav Rao , for her in-laws. Well as we all know, a sheath cannot holds two swords together, likewise Pallavi and Raghav can’t stay beneath the same roof quietly.

This week we saw that Kirti came to Sunny’s house and got upset seeing him unconscious. But later found out that he was doing drama. Later at night, Pallavi wanna know from Kirti why Jaya doesn’t trust Raghav. That is when Sunny’s call came and Pallavi went away thinking Kirti should talk to her friend. In the morning sunny camd to meet Kirti and noticed Ragini there. He confronted her but she went away in hurry. Sunny gave the gift to Kirti and about to leave but Pallavi stopped him and asked about Ragini. He told her the whole story. Later Pallavi injured her finger so that Raghav can make Kirti wear a necklace.

Later, Farhad asked Rocky if he took jewellery to Ragini. Farhad was angry and Sunny asked him to keep calm. Pallavi called this matter serious. So he has to answer Farhad’s question. Rocky told that he was asked to do all this by a bearded man. Then they went to see the CCTV footage but that footage was also missing. Fortunately, that footage was with Raghav but he too was unable to track that mastery man. While Pallavi found out the property paper and tells Vijay that Sulochana is playing a big game with him in the name of the loan paper. Raghav came there and she took him away.

Raghav and Pallavi were setting in the car. Raghav asked why she took him from there. She added that he knows the reason already. Raghav stopped the car and added that he should fetch a beverage. Pallavi nodded. Abdul kaka came to meet Pallavi and told her that he missed her a lot. Pallavi smiles. Abdul kaka asked her about a party. Pallavi looked confused and asked what kind of party. He added Sulochana came into his store and brought some man clothes asserting that she has a party at home. Raghav heard it all. He and Pallavi found out that Sulochana did everything.

After this, Sulochana left the hotel and sat in a taxi. She asked the driver to drop her at the railway station. Raghav showed her his face. She was shocked. Raghav started the car and ahead stopped in the midway. He put her at gunpoint. Raghav asked her to tell the truth. She accepted her crime and notified him about her plan that how she stole the necklace and sent Vijay to jail. Raghav wanted to send her to jail but because she is Pallavi’s family so he is leaving her on one condition that she should clear the name of Pallavi, as she was the one who ruined Pallavi’s name in front of her family. Sulochana said she will do it. There Jaya wanted to apologise to Raghav so she asked for Pallavi’s help. Pallavi was ready to help her.

Raghav wanted his mother to forgive him for the mistake he made ten years ago. Jaya did not want to remember that day as it was a very sad day and she does not want to remember it. But Raghav believed that because of that day there has been a distance between them, so he wants his mother to forget that day and forgive him. Jaya turned her face and told that she will not be able to forgive him. Tears welled up in Raghav’s eyes and he went from there. Pallavi overheard everything. Later she asked Raghav what happened 10 years ago and he narrated his story to her. He told him about Krishna Rav who changed his life and made him a culprit of his family.