Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13 October 2021 written update – Raghav and Esha spent the night together.

At the beginning of the episode, Esha gets drunk, while Raghav is still a bit conscious. She tells him that when he texted Pallavi she thought the text was for her and felt good. She says to him that she didn’t feel nice when she heard that he got married and has fallen in love with her, as she was jealous of Pallavi. Raghav says that she had too much to drink and the drink is speaking not her. Esha says to him that she can’t continue living like this without love. Raghav says to Esha that he’ll go and sleep on the couch and stand up but then falls down on the bed. He falls asleep on the bed and Esha sees him lying on the bed and goes close to him to sleep. ACP Laxmi stops Pallavi’s car and takes her to the station until the curfew is removed. Pallavi calls Farhad from the station phone.

Raghav thinks it’s Pallavi who’s close to him, Esha gets jealous and says he may be taking somebody else’s name but he is close to her and tells him that she loves him. In the morning ACP Laxmi reaches the police station and asks Sunny where Pallavi is, the constable says that Pallavi said to him that the curfew is finished and they can’t keep her.

Pallavi takes a rickshaw and speaks with Kirti who tells her that Farhad managed to track her and sent her the location and she forwarded it to her. Pallavi reaches the hotel where Raghav is staying and calls Raghav. He wakes up and sees himself in bed naked and then notices Esha beside him and is shocked.

Raghav gathers his stuff and wears his clothes and leaves the room, he blames himself continuously. Pallavi reaches the reception and Raghav from behind the leaves. A waiter tells her that he’ll call the receptionist. She feels a tap on her shoulder and thinks that it’s Raghav but it’s Sunny. Sunny says to her that how could she just leave him in the police station when he came with her. She says she tried waking him but he didn’t and he wasn’t so not interested to find Raghav so she left alone. Sunny says she is crazy.

Upcoming- Sunny asks at the reception about Esha and finds out that she stayed the night with Raghav in the same room. Esha outside Raghav’s house says to herself that he can’t just ignore her like that after what happened between them. Pallavi at night says to Raghav that he is behaving weirdly since the curfew, she says to him that she knows everything he is hiding from her and thought he would tell her himself but no he didn’t. Raghav is shocked.