Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14 October 2021 written update – Raghav is tensed to face Pallavi.

In the beginning of the episode, Raghav calls Pallavi and tells her that he has left for Hyderabad and would reach home soon. Pallavi tells Sunny that Raghav is safe and left for Hyderabad. He says he is weird when they came so far to get him at least he could have waited for them. Pallavi sees a Ganpati idol and goes to pray in front of it, while Sunny waits on the couch. Esha comes towards the reception looking for Raghav, she sees Pallavi and hides. Sunny see’s her hiding from Pallavi and feels suspicious and asks Pallavi to wait outside. Esha, when Pallavi is gone, goes to the reception to inquire about Raghav’s whereabouts but doesn’t find anything. Sunny asks Pallavi to go home and he’ll come later.

Raghav while driving keeps imagining him with Esha and feels guilty, he stops the car and speaks to his consciousness who says to him that he could not control himself at the time and now regretting it won’t help. His conscience says to him that he should not tell Pallavi the truth as she loves him a lot and she won’t be able to handle the truth. He reaches home and Kirti hugs him, she asks him where Pallavi and Sunny are. He tells her how he would know, she tells him that Pallavi went to Varangal looking for him. Pallavi comes to his office and hugs him while he continuously feels guilty of the night with Esha and pushes her away. Jaya comes back home from Tirupati.

Sunny asks at the reception about Esha and finds out that she stayed the night with Raghav in the same room. Sunny gives the receptionist money and takes the logbook paper with him in which there is an entry of Raghav and Esha’s names together.

Jaya at the dining table brings a hanging for casting an evil eye and gives it to Pallavi to put it at the main gate. Esha outside Raghav’s house says to herself that he can’t just ignore her like that after what happened between them. She sees Pallavi outside putting the hanging and drives away.

Pallavi at night sees Raghav not sleeping and says to Raghav that he is behaving weirdly since the curfew, she says to him that she knows everything he is hiding from her and thought he would tell her himself but no he didn’t. Raghav is shocked. Pallavi jokes about a witch and Raghav gets upset at her. Pallavi says to him that she got very scared when she couldn’t reach him, he feels guilty and says to Pallavi that he is going to sleep.

Upcoming- Esha comes to meet Raghav, he tells her that she was his past and Pallavi is his present and future. Kirti reads out news in which she tells that a girl attempts suicide because of her ex-boyfriend. Raghav gets worried and goes to check up on her.