Molkki written update 19 July 2021 Virender refuses to accept marriage proposal

At the beginning of the episode, Sudha and Priyu came to Virender with turmeric milk. Virender asks you both of them are here where Purvi went off? Priyu told him she is clearing accounts with the laundryman. Suddenly Veer. Came over there with a wheelchair for Virender. Virender was very much happy to see Veer caring for him. Virender said if you have brought this then help me to sit in it. Sudha and Veer helped out Virender and then they went from that room. Sudha tells Priyu that Veer is so nice as he brought a wheelchair for Virender as soon as he got to know about Virender’s condition. Priyu told her that because of Nandini all this happened so he is doing all this drama to hide her sister’s mistake. Sudha feels that Veer is a nice guy but Priyu doesn’t like him.

Purvi tells Virender I think Veer still respects and loves you so it would be easy to wipe out his anger for you. Virender says I wish the same situation would be with Nandini. Purvi acknowledged Virneder that tomorrow Charan Singh will come to our house with his son’s proposal. Virender gets angry told her that this can’t happen at any cost. Purvi try to convince Virneder by telling him that Nandini still love you as a father and I’d Charan Singh is coming by keeping his ego aside then you should also think of Nandini’s happiness.

The next day, Puri tells Virender that Nandini is happy to know that you are ready to meet Charan Singh. Charan Singh came to Virneder’s with his family. Charan Singh told him your mansion still has the same shine which was earlier. Virender says I am mansion are evergreen.

All of them settled down and were interrogating each other. Charan Singh was inviting him for the engagement but Virender told him we haven’t agreed to this alliance. Charan Singh told him if both of them love each other then parents’ confirmation is left like just formality. Virender asks her what’s your motive behind this as I know you can’t change. Charan Singh whispers I want control over this village and with their development I will also take some advantages as after this marriage I would be having control over you and your daughter.

Virender stood up, took the engagement card from his hand, and tear it off. Virender shouts at him that I know you won’t change I was just helpless because of my daughter but now I got to know about your real motive. Virender told him ger lost from this house. Before leaving Charan Singh told him this insult will cost you big. They all were going and Nandini was trying to stop Aarav. Virender says I will kill your whole family if anyone of you are found near my house.

Nandini was crying in her room. Virender and Purvi went to her room. Seeing them Nandini smashed a vase on the floor and told them to leave from here as you snatched everything from me, my mom, my love and you can’t see my happiness. Purvi and Virender was convincing her to listen to them once but she didn’t hear them at all.

Virender was telling Purvi how I will make her understand that Charan Singh is not a good guy. Veer came to Nandini and told her I am here for that mouses which are jumping in your stomach. Nandini says you are too annoying. Veer feeds her and says I got the license of annoying since we took birth. Nandini says I will not forgive Virender for what he did. Veer asks her what you will do? Nandini makes a call.