Molkki written update 20 July 2021 Nandini escaped from Virender’s mansion

At the beginning of the episode, Purvi came to her room and saw Virender was trying to sleep. Purvi says if you are not falling asleep shalt I recite a lorry for you. Virender replied yes you can. Purvi sat beside him and recite a lorry along with that she was lovingly touching Virneder’s head. Virender says I am unable to sleep because of Nandini’s tension and my head is paining too. Purvi said I am bringing an ointment after that you will fall asleep soon.

Nandini leftover a letter and escaped from their house with Aarav. Purvi heard some noise and thought who will be there so night.

Veer was roaming outside in the market suddenly his eyes fell on a turban which Virender use to wear generally. Suddenly Sudha came across Veer and tells him you are looking in this like Virender. Sudha selected a turban for Veer and he too selected a turban for Sudha. Sudha says it’s only for men’s, not girl’s. Veer told her God made us equal so I don’t believe in gender discrimination as this turban suits you.

Priyu and Anjali were buying vegetables and Suddenly they spotted both of them together. Anjali told her you are collecting vegetables and there she is after a big Jackpot. Priyu says what you are telling I am not getting it. Anjali says after Virender Veer would be the next head of this village and her wife would be the female head. Anjali manipulates her by telling her that Sudha is taking your place so don’t let this chance go from your hand.

Purvi went to Nandini’s room and found that letter in bed which she left before leaving the house. As soon as Virender got to know this he got furious that why she gets into their trap. Purvi told him all this happened because of your stubborn so please think before doing anything. Virender says there Nandini won’t be happy and that Charan Singh is not a good man. Purvi tries to make him understand that Aaeavr is a good guy and she loves him so please let them marry. Virender told her I won’t let them play with my daughter’s life at any cost.

Aarav was telling Nandini you are now in the Chaudary mansion so need not to worry. Aarav gave her wedding costume and she asked what’s this? Charan Singh came over there and told her I will make you both of them marry today itself and I want you to call your dad. Nandini tells him you know he won’t come or if by chance he came then they will create trouble for us. Charan Singh told her I know he will not miss any chance of “Knaya Dan” being a father of a daughter.

Charan Singh called Virender and told him not to worry your daughter is in our house and I am inviting you for their marriage today itself. Virender gets furious and was willing to call the police but Purvi stopped him from doing that. Purvi told Virender to think about Nandini’s happiness and we should be happy in her happiness. Virender told her o won’t let this happen at any cost. Purvi pray to God for helping her to choose the right decision.