Molkki written update 21 July 2021 Purvi took the responsibility of “Kanyadan”

At the beginning of the episode, Kids were telling Purvi that Nandini will bad if we won’t go to her marriage. Purvi says I am very much confused about what to do as I can’t upset Virneder but I wanted to be there in Nandini’s happiness. Juhi gave her an idea to tell Virneder that kids are insisting to go there and with us, you can also attend the marriage. Purvi says he is too angry with me so it’s difficult to convince him.

Sudha came to meet Purvi Suddenly Veer came and take her with him for help. Veer tells her to help me out which gift would be better for her as I can’t decide. Purvi was searching for Sudha and she got to know from a servant that Sudha went to Veer’s room. Sudha picked up a necklace, Veer insisted her to wear it once as I can get an idea of how it would look. Then she wore that necklace, Veer tells her it looks nice on you. Then Purvi came over there and she went with her.

Sudha was telling Purvi to attend Nandini’s marriage as it can help to come close to her. Virender was thinking that anyhow I have to stop this marriage. Purvi came to talk with Virender but he told her I don’t want to talk with you. At the same time, two men came with an invitation but he threw all the things and told him that I won’t let this marriage happen.

Veer went to Nandini with a preset for her. Nandini says you came here in such a situation is itself a gift for me. Suddenly Purvi came there and Nandini started shouting at her. Purvi told her Virender is very angry after hearing this so please delay this marriage for few days m Nandini says he is very much selfish and If today mom would be here then she might take a stand for my happiness. Veer told her I promise this marriage would happen for sure.

Virender went with his goons and destroyed the wedding decoration. They were wondering where all went off. Suddenly a priest came forward and reveals that they changed the wedding destination at the end time. Virender thought who acknowledged them about my arrival.

On Purvi request, Charan Singh changes the wedding location at the end moment. Purvi was thinking I did as much as I can now in God’s hand. Kid’s and Purvi went off for attending the marriage. There Virender was telling his men to find each corner of this village. The priest asks who will do the “Kanyadan ritual”. Charan Singh asked the priest to find any other solution for this but the priest told him it’s very necessary to perform that ritual. Suddenly Purvi came and said I will perform this ritual. Kid’s hugged Nandini. Nandini thanked them for coming. Kid’s told her all credit goes to Purvi as she brought us here. On asking Purvi told I am Nandini’s mother.