Molkki written update 23 July 2021 Nandini started feeling good about Purvi

At the beginning of the episode, Virender and Charam Singh both arrived at Panchayat office to complete the selection procedure. Everyone was cheering for Virender over there. Virender tells Charan Singh for winning the election first you need to win the hearts of villagers. Charan Singh told him that will be decided after the election and for that first, you need to fill the form so stop doing al these and tell your men’s to take your wheelchair inside the Panchayat office.

Nandini came back home and tells Prakashi that till when I was in this house you pampered me a lot but after going from here you didn’t come for my marriage as I am no use of you now, actually Virender was right you all washed my brain and manipulated me against them. Then Nandini meets Purvi and gives her a gift. Nandini tells her I specially made this for you from my designer friend and you can consider this as the beginning of our friendship. Nandini tells her I want to apologize for the way I treated you but you came to my marriage and did all the rituals on behalf of my mother.

Charan Singh’s wife told him this time all the villagers are in support of Virender so forget your victory this time. Charan Singh told her I am having the remote control of Virender because that’s why I made Aarav marry Nandini and on my one gesture he would himself came running to me so you just wait and watch.

Virender saw Purvi and Nandini and tells them you both are more than my enemy and your duo is looking awesome. Purvi was telling him that she came here to meet me butt Virneder told Purvi to tell him that now she doesn’t have any relation to this house. Nandini told him lower your voice and this house belongs to me not you so I will decide who will stay or not. Nandini tells him Purvi is more understanding than you and you don’t deserve to be called father.

After she left Puvri tells Virender if you have shown some love to her then her anger might meltdown. Virender says you took advantage and expanded the gap between us and you are responsible for all this. Purvi tells him before blaming me ask yourself who’s a mistake is this as you are not about to leave your stubborn and I am trying my best to fix the relations.

Sudha and Veer talking to each other suddenly Priyu came over there asking them what’s going on? Sudha tells her Veer is telling about London. Priyu acts of having sudden leg pain. Sudha went to bring ointment, Veer was helping her but she told him I can’t move. Then Veer picked up in his arms and took inside. There Sudha saw both of them and felt a little bad. Purvi applied ointment on Priyu’s feet. Purvi told Veer tomorrow you have brought Nandini for the post-wedding ceremony and take Nandini with you as she knows all the rituals. Priyu thought my plan failed as Sudha got one more chance to come close to Veer. Nandini got to know that Aarav got injured. Aarav was trying to hide the reason of his injuries but at last, Nandini forced him to share it with her.