Molkki written update 26 July 2021 Nandini came up for a settlement

At the beginning of the episode, Purvi was telling kid’s once again I am trying to convince Virneder if he doesn’t then you both remember what you to do? Kids nod their heads and Juhi told her we know everything you don’t worry. Purvi went inside and Virender ask her why you came here? Purvi tells her I have made your favorite dessert as my uncle says after eating sweets angry melts down. Virender told her I don’t want to eat this I am fine you just go away.

Purvi was trying to make him eat but he pushed her hand and told her I told you once I don’t want to eat anything. Suddenly kids came inside and told him if you will scold her like this then again she would leave us and go from here. Virender says I was just joking with her. Juhi said I know you are lying and if you are not angry with her then hug her to prove us. Kid’s acts of crying in front of him. Then immediately Virender hugged and whispers that you didn’t do right by involving these innocent kids in our fight.

Veer was about to go to Nandini’s house along with Sudha. Veer requested Purvi to come along with us she will be happy to see you. Then Purvi agrees to go over there. Prakashi tells Anjali that eventually Purvi won their heart and now both of them chant her name.

Anjali welcomed them and made them seat over there. By mistake, tea fell over on Purvi’s dress. She went to the washroom to clean her dress. There she heard Aarav’s parents were forcing him to do what they are saying. Suddenly Nandini came and says what you are doing her, I think you didn’t find the way to the washroom just come with me.

Purvi asked Nandini everything was fine in your home as Aarav’s parents were forcing her for something. She told her they must be telling him to get involved in an election rally, you don’t worry about these things.

Later Aarav and his parents came over there. Purvi tells them we would like to take Nandini for the post-wedding ritual. Charan Singh told them few relatives are coming for face revealing ceremony so, after all this, I will come along with her. Purvi thought something is fishy. Then they all left.

Nandini wad asking Aarav what your father want me to do and he has beaten you so badly for it. Suddenly Charan Singh came inside and threatens her to do what I am saying. Aarav came in between and told him she won’t do that. Charan Singh dragged and pushed him from the stairs. Charan Singh tells Nandini to do what I am saying.

Purvi was convincing him to eat as you are a sugar patient. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Purvi opens the door and saw Nandini was standing over there. Nandini says I want to talk with Virender. Purvi was telling if he won’t talk then? Suddenly Virneder came over there and told Purvi to let her come in as I will hear her being the head of this village.

Nandini tells him I’m here to give you a chance to clear all anger between us but for that, your have to withdraw your name from the election. Virender told her Charan Singh is a bad guy and for the sake you, I can’t let the villager’s future in danger.

Nandini went back home and Charan Singh asked what your Father decided? Nandini says he needs some time and you don’t worry this time you will the head of this village. The doctor opens the plaster and told him to take your medicines on time. After he left Puvri asked what Nandini was telling your last night. Virender told her it’s our personal matter we will sort it out. Purvi thinks I have to find out what’s the issue