Molkki written update 27 July 2021 Virender made a sacrifice for Nandini

At the beginning of the episode, Priyu saw Veer cleaning his jeep and thought now it’s time to start plan no 2 to become the female head of this village before Sudha makes him fall for her I should grab the chance. Veer was about to leave, Priyu asked him are you going anywhere? Veer says I am going to teach driving to Sudha. Priyu says I wish there would be anyone who teaches me driving. Veer says then common I will teach Sudha later. Virender saw both if them together and thought they are getting close to each other.

Priyu went to meet Nandini at Charan Singh’s house but her mother-in-law didn’t let her to go upstairs and told her the I am calling her downstairs. A servant came and told Purvi that Nandini will come in some time. Purvi says I will wait for her. Nandini changed Aarav’s bandage and told her you to take a rest I am coming back.

Nandini was about to leave her room but Purvi came upstairs and entered her room. Purvi saw Aarav injured and asked the reason for it. Nandini lied her that he meet with an accident. Nandini told her you to come some other day as now everyone is tensed regarding Aarav. Purvi thought there is something that she is hiding from me.

Veer was teaching Priyu driving and Priyu was intentionally trying to get close to Veer. Nandini came back to Virender and says you are happy to win this election by making me sad. Virender told her your father-in-law is not a goodman soon you will get to know this. Nandini started crying in front of Virender so he took her inside and told her acknowledged me about the matter. Nandini told her they will kill Aarav and you can only save him as you were right that Charan Singh is a shameless man and he agreed for this marriage because he wanted to use me to win this election.

Virender said if you have told this before itself but don’t worry nothing would happen to Aarav. Virender took out his gun but Nandini told him don’t do something like this just withdraw your name from the election. Veer says to try to understand because it’s necessary to make him understand a lesson. Nandini says if he got to know that you are planning something then he might kill him.

The next day Virneder acknowledged the family members that I won’t become the head of this village as I need some rest now. Purvi says villagers need you to and they are celebrating your win. Virender said I won’t change my decision. Purvi thought I have to find out why he is doing like this.

Prakashi calls Nandini to give her the good news that Virender decided not to be the head of the village. Nandini was feeling guilty. Purvi asked Virender that why you are taking your name back as I know you just giving an excuse of rest. Virender says o just wanted to spend time with my family