Molkki written update 28 July 2021 Purvi and Veer makes a plan

At the beginning of the episode, Villagers were excited about Virender’s victory in the election and pre-congratulating him for the election-winning. Nandini called Virender but he didn’t pick as his phone was in the room. She sends a thanking text for withdrawing his name from the election in her one call. Dr. Gupta came to examine Manas. Purvi asked the doctor about Aarav’s health but he told her that he is not aware of anything. Purvi thought why Nandini lied her that Dr. Gupta is treating Aarav.

Purvi saw Virneder’s phone and reads Nandini’s message. Purvi ran outside to stop Purvi but he went off. Purvi requested Veer to take me to Virender. Veer asked her what happened and why you are so worried? Purvi acknowledged him about Nandini’s text. Veer says he knows the reason and acknowledge Puvri that Charan Singh is making this done forcefully. He has beaten Aarav so that Nandini gets emotional and convinces Virender from taking his name back from the election.

Virender won the election but he told them there is no need of wishing me as he is taking his name back. There Purvi was coming along with Veer. They asked him to sign on the papers and after that Charan Singh would be the head of the village.

Virender was about to sign the papers but Purvi stopped him. Nandini tells Puvri not to stop him as it’s very important for her life. Purvi took Virender and Nandini to a room and there she told them that no one would anything to Aarav and for that reason Virneder don’t have to take his name back. Purvi told them with the help of Veer he saved Aarav from Charan Singh’s trap. Purvi gave few money to some people so that they can celebrate in front of Charan Singh’s house and when the guards were busy they entered into the house. The CCTV operator spotted Purvi and Aarav. He went and told the servants to catch them.

Veer make them flat as he learned Marshall art’s in London. Aarav was not in his room then Purvi thought he might be in the storeroom. They were surrounded by guards but Veer and Purvi beat them all. Them they were searching for the storeroom. They found a room that was locked. Purvi told him to break the lock rest she will manage. After they get inside the room Aarav was lying on the floor.