Molkki written update 29 July 2021 Charan Singh has his last Pawn

At the beginning of the episode, Security guards were searching for them. Purvi told Veer we won’t go without Aarav. Veer wakes Aarav and tells him to come with us. Aarav told them you both go as they are too dangerous and they might kill you. Security guards were trying to break the door. Veer smashed a stick in Aarav’s head and made him unconscious. Purvi asked what you did? Veer says we do not have any time to convince him. Purvi tricked the security guards and Veer secretly took Adarash with him. Purvi told Nandini like this we saved him and now he is in our mansion. Nandini get’s emotional and thanked Purvi for everything and Virender too. Veer says Nandini you should see Purvi how she was beating those security guards, today I got to know the importance of parents and I am lucky to have you both.

Virender came out of the room and asked for the application of withdrawing his name from the election. Suddenly he threw the ink bottle on Charan Singh. Charan Singh told him don’t forget your weakness is in my hand. Virender says I will tear you from between and threw among Street dogs. Virender tears the application and told him now I will win the election. Charan Singh tries to give him the threat that he will trouble her daughter but Virender beats him.

Virender won the election with a heavy weightage of votes. Virender told them I want my son to make me wear this turban. Veer came up on the stage and does the same.

All they were playing together suddenly Veer fell down. Sudha helped out him to sit back on the sofa and told him I am bringing ointment for you. Purvi thought Sudha care for then only she ran to bring medicine for him.

Virender went into her room and thank her for doing all the things for my family because I never thought everything will get settled between my kids. Purvi said I should thank you as you didn’t let me know that Charan Singh is doing all these as I would feel guilty of my decision.

Charan Singh was saying that if that Molki would not be there then no one could stop me from becoming the village head but now also I am having one last pawn and you will take revenge for my insult. Aarav came out of the car with an evil smile. He told him I promise I will take revenge on Virender as we fooled Nandini a lot in the name of love and with those fake injuries. Charan Singh said then also I didn’t get anything. Adarsh says now I will go in their house and lay a trap for them