Namak Issk ka written update 20 July 2021 Satya is missing!

At the beginning of the episode, Yug took Satya for shopping. Satya thought the hospital is also nearby so I would go and come back soon. Satya told Yug we can’t park this car here as it might get toed so park it there and till then I am going to select sarees. Yug said, don’t worry about the price tag just pick which one you want. Satya thought how sweet he is.

Chamcham thought I won’t get this chance back so please God help me if Gunjan will get to know that her phone is with me it would be a big problem for me. Satya went to the hospital but the guard was not allowing her to get in as the meeting time was over Satya tried to scare him by saying I will create a scene over here and then you will be responsible for it.

Dadi was telling Rupa to cook delicious food because if dishes would be good then everything will happen well. Rony told her not to worry I will supervise and all the species will be balanced in all the dishes. Saroj laughs and says he is so confident as he only cooks every day. Dadi says today Id anyone creates any type of mess then don’t come in front of me or else I will not forgive. Irawati thought everyone seems to be very happy so after making them all sad my inner soul will get satisfied.

Dadi was telling them not to give any work to Chamcham as she is not well and might fall unconscious in front of them. Saroj agreed with her and told Rupa to handle evet all alone and later Chamcham would get the chance to fulfill the responsibilities as the daughter-in-law of this house.

Gunjan gestures to call Irawati. Gunjan took her inside the room and told her Chamcham is getting too weak I am very much worried for her if something would happen to her. Irawati says today Satya will break Juhi’s alliance and I got to know what was the secret which Chamcham was about to tell Saroj so now Satya will tell those things by flipping few lines.

Yug acknowledged Saroj that Chamcham is missing as I went to park the car and she was s supposed to went into the shop but the shop owner said, she didn’t come there. Saroj went and acknowledged Irawati that Chamcham is missing. Irawati thought she won’t go anywhere as she was getting a big advantage from me.

Satya started dancing in front of the hospital and gathered everyone. Suddenly a doctor came and scolded the guard. Then Satya complains that he is not letting me go inside. Then she went along the doctor. Yug got a call from Chamcham but due to poor network, the call ended. Then traffic police held Yug for taking over the call while driving. Yug acknowledged them about her missing wife. The police forwarded Chamcham’s photo and informed all the police officer’s about the missing lady.

A police officer spotted Satya in an auto. Yug got to know about that and he was about to leave but suddenly he saw an auto coming and Chamcham was sitting in it. Satya thought I have to do realistic drama in front of him now.

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