Namak Issk ka written update 23 July 2021 Satya got trapped

At the beginning of the episode, Police arrest Saroj and takes her with them. Saroj was feeling very helpless and her eyes filled with tears. Everyone went after her. Irawati tells Satya today’s your acting was Hollywood level I enjoyed it. Media people surrounded Saroj and few activists apply black ink on Saroj’s face. Yug came running and wipe out that ink. Saroj broke down and tells Yug I haven’t done anything.

Satya went back to her room and she feels guilty for what she did. She feels like after doing this she lost all her moral values and principles of life. Irawati went to Chamcham and tells her your message went to Yug but I came in between and deleted it but don’t feel sad to see this video. Irawati tells her I accused Saroj through Satya and sent Saroj to jail.

Yug came to Satya will first aid box and gives her cotton. Satya started crying but Yug told her don’t cry what mom did was totally wrong but I can’t understand what to do. Yug says you and mom stay in my heart but now it feels like you both are going far from me. Yug told her I am going to the police station and I think you will also come to set her free. Gunjan saw Satya crying in front of Yug and thought whether she would change her mind.

Irawati was playing with cards and a joker came out of the deck. Irawati wonders how it can be possible as every time it’s ace of spades. Suddenly Gunjan came to Irawati and told her I think Satya will take her case back. Irawati says she would die if she did anything like that.

At the police station, Saroj submitted all her jewelry. Ravikanth and his lawyer told Saroj that tomorrow itself we will take you out of the jail. Yug says today itself Chamcham will come and take her cat back. Rony tells him not to live in a fake hope. Suddenly Irawati came and shows them a video in which it was clearly seen that She itself smashed the bottle on her head. Police examined the proof and get her free. Yug thought about how she can lie to us.

Rupa came to Satya and ask her do you really want to punish Saroj. Satya says you have seen my condition. Rupa says I want to show you something Rony sent me. After watching that video Satya thought Irawati made this video. Rupa tells her why you lied as everyone is very angry at you. Satya says now I will be sent to jail. Rupa says I am with you and you just need to apologize for the same. Satya thought she is right as this is the last option left.

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