Pandya Store 16 May 2021 Weekly Written Update

Pandya family is staying at Haweli for mahamratunjay mantra pooja. Dhara and Gautam is trying to sort out the clashes between two new members of family, Ishika and Raavi. Ishika is an immature girl and hurts everyone with her words.

Ishika outbursts at Raavi for disturbing Ishika and Dev’s romantic moment, which hurts Raavi deeply. Dev too shouted at Ishika for scolding Raavi. Later Dhara asked Dev to give some time to Ishika to get her adjusted with the family. Dev understands everything. Raavi is crying in the temple. Dhara tried to control Raavi, but Raavi becomes emotional and shared her feelings with Dhara and said she is not happy in life. Dhara asked her to stay strong and said everything will be better soon.

Suman, Prafula, and Anita are traveling towards Haweli, but the road to the Haweli was sealed due to a riot in the nearby town. Suman decided to stay in the hotel nearby. Suman asked Prafula to pull their luggage. Prafula gets exhausted and angry but was unable to do anything.

Shiva tried to ask Raavi, what bothers her? Raavi said Shiva is responsible for everything and shouted at him. Dev apologized to Shiva for his mistakes. Shiva informed Dev that Krish is also in love with someone. Gautam is shouting at Krish for wasting his time and asked him to focus on his studies and carrier.

Later Gautam gets to know about Ishika’s outburst over Raavi. Gautam decided to talk to Ishika and explained Ishika that they are living in the same family and therefore they should respect and love each other. Ishika apologized to Raavi for her words.

Shiva challenged Krish to do a horror dance of women. Krish is practicing his dance. Later Krish was stealing the eyeliner and makeup kit of Raavi for getting a woman’s appearance, Raavi saw everything. Raavi informed about this to Shiva. Shiva told Raavi that Krish is suffering from an identity crisis and also Krish is getting attracted towards males.

Raavi informed about Krish’s problem to Dhara. Dhara refused to believe that Krish has something like that. Dhara and Raavi observing Krish’s activities. Gautam sends Dev to market for some work and Dev’s phone gets switched off. Ishika thought Gautam took revenge on her by sending Dev far away from her and that’s why she started fighting with Gautam.

Let’s see whether Ishika will get adjusted with the Pandya family or will continue to fight will everyone?

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