Pandya Store 20th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

The Episode begins with Natasha seeing the Pandya house. Naveli requests that she come. Natasha goes into the room. She says I m inclination sluggish, we will rest here. Naveli concurs. They possess the bed and rest. Taai searches for Bittu. Shantanu likewise gets down on Bittu. Dhawal and everybody are feasting. Amba apologizes for the night occurrence. She says I simply needed to find out… He will not talk. Pranali comes and says Naveli isn’t in her room, its a result of Amba, she came clean with Naveli and Naveli left, don’t have the foggiest idea where is she, did anybody hijack her. Chirag says unwind, she will be here. She says she is no place. Taai and Shantanu come and get some information about Bittu. Pranali thinks. Mittu makes food. Natasha and Naveli look on. They go to eat the pakodas. Mittu keeps the pakodas on a plate. Natasha and Naveli take cover behind the table and go to take the pakodas.

Natasha and Naveli take the pakodas. They eat it and snicker. Golmaal… plays… Shantanu asks where is Bittu, tell me. He flies off the handle on Dhawal. Dhawal stops Bhaven and Chirag. Shantanu says don’t do this show, I m not produced to get beaten, you ought to be embarrassed, Bittu is missing, I will call the police, I will send you to imprison. Dhawal says come, I will go along, Naveli and Natasha are missing, I have a right on them. Shantanu says you got frightened that I will take Bittu off. Dhawal says unrealistic, you’re staying put, I m going to the police headquarters. They generally rush.

Natasha asks will I get bread. They eat the dhokla and bread. Mittu sees the pakodas missing. He says perhaps I have eaten it, no, where did the Dhokla and bread vanish. He converses with Suman’s pic. Natasha gets hiccups. Dhawal addresses the reviewer. Everybody searches for Natasha and Naveli. Pranali sobs for Naveli. Amba requests that she quit crying. Pranali says I have raised her as Yashoda, she is my girl. Hetal packs Naveli’s toys and pics. Pranali stops her. She calls Bhaven. She says I don’t require anybody, I will proceed to see as her. Amba says stop, you don’t have to go anyplace, else Dhawal will reprimand you. Mittu sees Natasha and Naveli. He gets stunned.

He shouts. They likewise shout. Mittu says Chutki… . He cries and asks who are you. Naveli says I m Naveli. Natasha says I m her mumma. He cries and embraces Natasha. He says you let me be. She squeezes him and says move away. He asks is Naveli my niece. He says I m your Mom, Natasha is my sister. Dhawal comes there and sees them. Mittu asks what’s happening, I don’t have the foggiest idea, tell me, for what reason is Natasha in this condition. Dhawal thinks I additionally need to know something similar.

Dhawal asks how might you venture to take off from the house. Natasha says we will run in the future. He stops Naveli. Naveli says you are liar. He says I guarantee, I won’t ever reprove you, you additionally guarantee me.

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