Pandya Store 25 November 2021 written update – Shiva and Raavi’s marriage

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara saw some evils in front of her who want to take her baby away from her. Dhara asked Gautam to help her. Gautam was shouting that he will manage everything. Suddenly Gautam wakes up. Gautam called the gynecologist and asked her about Dhara’s health. The gynecologist said Dhara has completed 3 months of her pregnancy and that’s why she needs to do a check-up. The gynecologist said if Dhara’s reports will come positive then it will be ok otherwise it may be dangerous for Dhara’s health. Raavi was going to Pandya store, suddenly she met with her old friend.

Raavi’s friend asked she understood that a boy loves her but after marriage, she get to know that he didn’t love her. Raavi’s friend started crying. Raavi encouraged her and leaves from there. Raavi decided that she will not approach first. On the other hand, Rishita went into her boss’ office and asked why he met with Janardhan’s sister? Rishita’s boss said Janardhan’s sister is a politician that’s why for the business purpose he met with her. Kirti meets Krish in the college and he made fun of him. Kirti also gives a proposal to Krish to come on campaign with her.

Shiva was waiting for Raavi at the Pandya store. Raavi arrived at the store, Shiva continued to stare at her. Raavi said she need spices for the kitchen. Krish said he can’t go for the campaign. Kirti’s friend arrived there and she went to class. Shiva give spices to Raavi and asked her to take care of herself. Dhara was selecting a saree for the dance function, suddenly Gautam arrived there. Dhara asked Gautam to select a saree for her and asked him not to worry about anything. Later Raavi gets ready for the dance function. Dhara asked where is Raavi’s mangalsutra? Raavi said Suman took mangalsutra from her.

Dhara asked Rishita to get mangalsutra from Suman’s room. Rishita went in Suman’s room and came out with the mangalsutra. Rishita gave mangalsutra to Raavi. Raavi was going to wear mangalsutra in her neck suddenly Dhara stopped her. Dhara said Shiva will put this mangalsutra in Raavi’s neck. Dhara brings Shiva to the Raavi’s room. Dhara asked Shiva to put mangalsutra in Raavi’s neck. Shiva said he has some work in the store. Suddenly Gautam and Krish also arrived there. Dev informed everyone that Shiva is going to marry Raavi now. Dhara asked Krish to get flowers for everyone. Shiva put mangalsutra in Raavi’s neck and everyone throw flowers upon them.

Upcoming Story: Dhara get unconscious and Gautam took her to the hospital. Gautam asks about Dhara’s health. The gynecologist said Dhara’s fetus is not developing.

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