Pandya Store 26 November 2021 written update – Dhara’s pregnancy complications

At the beginning of the episode, everyone gets ready for the dance function. Raavi didn’t wear the mangalsutra because Suman has taken that from her. Rishita get the mangalsutra from Suman’s almirah and asked Shiva to put that in Raavi’s neck. Shiva did the same and everyone gets happy. Suddenly Suman arrived there and get shocked after watching mangalsutra in Raavi’s neck. Suman asked who gave mangalsutra to Raavi? Rishita said Suman told her to give mangalsutra to Raavi. Suman understands that Rishita is hiding the reality.

Suman asked Raavi to respect the mangalsutra and also asked her to not to throw that again. Raavi said she will not do anything foolish again. Suman leaves from there. Later everyone gathered and some guests also arrived at Pandya’s residence. Dhara was very happy and also danced. Gautam recognized Gynecologist’s words regarding Dhara’s pregnancy and get worried about Dhara. Gautam’s brothers get the gifts for the upcoming baby. Krish started playing with the toys. Rishita play the music and everyone started dancing but Gautam was nervous.

Raavi was dancing with Shiva. Dhara also tries to dance but suddenly she gets unconscious and fall down. Everyone gets shocked after watching Dhara. Gautam and his brothers took Dhara to the hospital. Gautam and his brothers get conscious of Dhara’s health and start crying. Dhara went inside the operation theatre and Pandya’s brothers stay out of the cabin. The whole Pandya family gathered near the operation theatre. Everyone started praying to God for Dhara’s betterment. Doctors were doing the check-up of Dhara and the Pandya family was waiting out of the operation theatre.

Gynecologists get shocked after the check-up. The doctor informed Gautam that Dhara’s fetus is not developing for the last three months so if we want to take the chance we need to keep this fetus then Dhara’s life may get affected. Gautam started crying and asked for the solution. The doctor said Gautam need to take a decision whether he wants to keep the fetus or not. Gautam started crying and informed everyone that he hides this thing from everyone so that Dhara should not take stress for anything but now everything is over. Krish shouted at Gautam and said he should not have to hide everything from everyone. Everyone started crying and recognized the moment they all celebrated when they get to know about Dhara’s pregnancy. Gautam’s brothers tried to handle him. Dhara was still unconscious.

Upcoming Story: The doctor getting worried about Dhara’s health because her pulse is getting low. Gautam decides something.

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