Pandya Store written update 27 July 2021 – New problem for Pandya family

At the beginning of the episode, while everyone was sleeping in the Pandya residence, Anita entered the house to destroy the construction material so as to stop the construction work of Dhara’s new room. After spreading the water over construction material she tried to run away but Raavi saw Anita and thought she is a thief. Pandya’s family tried to catch the thief but failed. Dhara asked how thief can enter in the house? Shiva arrived at home and was informed that he has kept the door unlocked that’s why the thief entered in the house. Dhara checked whether Shiva is drunk or not. Shiva said he will not repeat the same mistake again.

On the other hand, Anita arrived at Prafula’s residence. Prafula shouted at Anita. Anita said she will not let Dhara’s room’s construction get complete. Prafula slapped Anita and shouted at Anita for going out at night without informing her. Anita said she will do everything to get Gautam from Dhara. Rishita decided to sleep in the hall with Dhara and Gautam. Dev asked Rishita to go to the room. Rishita said if thief will arrive then she will be safe here. Everyone goes back to their beds. Raavi informed Shiva that she saw the thief and run after him to catch him.

Raavi asked Shiva to sleep while facing towards her. Rishita got irritated because mosquitoes were biting her and then she went back to her room. Rishita asked how Dhara and Gautam can sleep in the hall with so many mosquitoes? Dev said that’s why he wants to build the room for Dhara because it is uncomfortable to sleep in the hall. Later all the brothers get back to their construction work. Shiva and Dev found that cement got tight and informed Gautam about it. Krish started crying and everyone gathered at the terrace.

Dev informed everyone that someone arrived at their home to destroy construction material and said this all is done by Janardhan. Gautam said he didn’t even know about their construction work. Suman started worrying about her family. Raavi informed Dhara that Rishita wants Dhara’s room not to get constructed. Rishita shouted at Raavi and said she has lost her mind. Dhara asked Rishita to not to fight with Raavi. Shiva started shouting at Raavi.

Gautam asked his brothers to go to their work and was informed that they don’t have money to build the room. Suddenly Anita arrived at Pandya residence and enquired about the construction. Raavi said someone has destroyed their construction material and they can’t build the room. Rishita taunted Raavi and said she has done everything. Anita shows sympathy towards Gautam and Dhara. Krish said he will not leave that destroyer. Anita started coughing and give a pickle to Raavi. Raavi observed that Anita was walking abnormally and she recognized that he has hit the pot on the thief’s leg. Raavi asked what happened to Anita’s legs?

Upcoming Story: Shiva and Dev ask Gautam to sleep in their rooms. Rishita says she will not leave her room and close the doors of her room.