Pandya Store written update 28 July 2021 Suman sold her bangles

At the beginning of the episode, Anita was unhappy regarding the construction work of Dhara’s bedroom because she didn’t want Dhara to go close to Gautam and therefore she decided to stop the construction work at any cost. At midnight Anita went inside Pandya’s residence and spread the water over cement, while she was going back, Raavi saw her and threw a pot on her legs. Later everyone gets to know that someone has destroyed their building materials and Gautam informed that they will not build the room.

Later Anita arrived at Pandya’s residence to give a pickle while she was going back, Raavi observed her abnormal walking and recognized about last night. Shiva and Dev started forcing Gautam to sleep in their room. Shiva and Dev started shifting their luggage to the hall and asked Gautam to get shift to their rooms. Rishita said she will not give her room to anyone and locked her door. Shiva said he can give his room because Raavi gets a foul smell of spices in his room. Krish said Suman will decide everything. Everyone started searching for Suman because she was not there in the house.

Gautam and his brothers went to the market to find Suman. Later everyone arrived at home and was informed that they didn’t find Suman. Rishita said this is so irresponsible behavior and Suman should inform them before going anywhere. Shiva shouted at Rishita and blamed Janardhan for everything. Rishita fights with Shiva. Shiva said if Jabardhan will do anything with Suman then he will kill Janardhan. Rishita shouted at Shiva, Raavi defends Shiva. Dhara and Gautam stopped everyone, suddenly Suman arrived at the home.

Gautam asked where she was? Dhara asked about Suman’s bangles. Suman said she was not feeling comfortable that’s why she sold the bangles. Everyone get shocked and Shiva started crying. Shiva asked how Suman can sell these bangles? Suman said everyone wants to build the room for Dhara that’s why she did this. Shiva said they wanted to build the room by themselves. Suman said we are a middle-class family and we don’t have money, we just do saving to fulfill our needs. Later Hardik meets Shiva and Krish in the market. Shiva informed Hardik that they are building a room for Dhara. Hardik gets happy.

Raavi called Prafulla and asked whether Anita went out of the house last night? Prafulla gets shocked and said how she can doubt at Anita? Raavi said she didn’t even inform her that what she needs to know about Anita? Prafulla said she knew everything and Anita was there with her last night. On the other hand, Shiva decided to sleep at the terrace but Raavi stopped him and locked the door from inside. Shiva and Raavi started fighting with each other. Raavi asked Shiva to forget everything he has read in her secret diary. Shiva said he is not able to forget what he has read in her diary.

Upcoming Story: Suman and Raavi are missing from the house. Raavi and Dhara went somewhere.