Qurbaan Hua 3 February 2021 Written Update – Will Chahat get to know about Neel’s job

At the beginning of the episode, Neel is searching for Chahat, and on hearing her voice, Chahat hid her Mangalsutra with the cloth. Neel acknowledged Chahat about Vyas Ji’s medication cost. Neel told Chahat not to worry as we would find a solution for that soon. Chahat was requesting a senior doctor for the advance payment, but he got some emergency call, so he said we would talk about it later.

Chahat figured out that her Mangalsutra was missing, then she went back to find that. Neel was praying to God not too aware Chahat about my job as she would feel guilty for me. Neel got that Mangalsutra on the floor and thinking that whom this belongs to. The senior doctor was praising Chahat for her work, and Neel was observing her from a distance. Suddenly a compounder scolded Neel for staring at female doctors, and she took that Mangalsutra from him.

Chahat again asked for the advance payment, but the Senior doctor said it would be impossible, but you can do a night shift from which your salary would get doubled. Chahat got that opportunity, but she hid her marital status for that. Chahat was talking to Neel outside the hospital, suddenly she saw that senior doctor and went far from Neel by saying that I would bring tea for you. Chahat acknowledged Neel avoid her night shift in the hospital, then Neel also decides to do the night shift.

Aelkh acknowledged Godhambhari that I have organized a game in which the cash prize is 10 lack and for that Chahat have to reveal that his husband does a waiter job in the same hospital. Chahat found snacks for which Neel kept in her bag. Neel was admiring her from the window. Suddenly a nurse came and ordered Neel to wash the tiffin of the junior doctor. Neel took tiffin of Chahat and went off without getting noticed. Chahat got to know about the competition from a nurse and then thought of taking part in it for Vyas Ji.

Godhambhari acknowledged Chahat that Vyas Ji is going to your hospital as chief guest for the competition. Chahat went to Neel and told him to get ready soon. Vyas Ji’s family came across Gazala and Badi Ammi, where they get to know that they had been also invited as chief guests. Aelkh told Gazala to be ready for executing our plan.

Episode end

Qurbaan Hua 3 February 2021 Written Update – क्या चाहत को नील की नौकरी के बारे में पता चलेगा?

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