Qurbaan Hua 6 February 2021 Written Update -Neel got an opportunity!

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat was expecting that Neel would surely turn around and look at her. While doing his work, Neel turned around and looked at her. Chahat received the weekly salary of Neel on behalf of him. Godhambhari taunted Neel as he was sweeping outside the cowshed. Gazala came with a man, who was blaming Neel that he mixed something in the canteen food as he was holding grudge against me.

Chahat showed them a selfie in which it was seen that the man was intentionally mixing something into the food. Chahat slapped that man. Chahat shouted at Gazala for troubling them like this. Vyas Ji told Neel that you won’t work where no one respects you. Vyas Ji gave a resignation letter on behalf of Neel.

Chahat was trying to distract Neel and make him happy, but Neel didn’t say anything. Chahat intentionally spread her lipstick and roaming around Neel. Neel dragged Chahat and wiped out that extra lipstick. Neel told Chahat that I am not getting any work due to Gazala. Chahat thought of helping Neel by getting him a job.

Chahat was praying to God for Neel well being. Neel woke up and figured out that he brings late for Canteen. Godhambhari stopped Neel and made him remember that you have left that Job. Godhambhari was trying to manipulate Neel by telling us that Chahat destroyed our family’s peace.

A family came with their children for their Pooja. Alekh was trying to take this opportunity, but they were willing to make this done by Neel. Neel was performing the rituals, and Chahat was feeling happy for Neel.

Episode end

Qurbaan Hua 6 February 2021 Written Update – नील को एक बेहतरीन अवसर मिलता है।

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