Qurbaan Hua 8 February 2021 Written Update – Will Gazala able to execute her next plan?

At the beginning of the episode, Neel was performing the rituals for the children. The mother of that children’s went to Chahat and thanked her for referring Neel for this Pooja. Godhambhari overheard this and informed Alekh that Neel had called them here by requesting them. Aelkh was about to stop the rituals, but Vyas Ji prevented him by doing that as he was feeling good to look at him. Alekh indirectly taunted Neel for getting this opportunity at the request of Chahat. Neel got angry and shouted at Chahat for doing these things and showing him down. Chahat got an emergency call from the hospital, and she left from there.

The man came to Neel to give him money, but Neel denied to take it as Chahat had called you. The man told Neel that Chahat just gave a reference, and we came here because Bhupender gave her number to us. Neel was thinking, and in between, the man told Neel not to do offended it’s very normal for a wife to help his husband in his work. Neel realized his mistake and thought of going to Chahat with her favourite dish.

Neel went hospital there Gazala intentionally made him hear that today one patient would die because of the wrong blood bottle, and then Chahat would lose her job. As soon as Neel heard this, he went inside the operation theatre and smashed that blood bottle on the floor. Chahat was surprised to see Neel doing like this. Neel told Chahat that it was the wrong blood bottle then Chahat cross-checked and shouted at Neel for doing like this. Neel came out, and Gazala tried to manipulate Neel against Chahat, but Neel said our bond is not so weak that people like you can break it.

The senior doctor came and praised Chahat for her work as she saved the man from dying. Chahat came out and recalled how she shouted at Neel and thought Gazala was also present, so she might have been manipulated him. Chahat receives their marriage certificate and thought of gifting Neel by making a frame of it. There Neel prepared a cake for Chahat and left a note over there for her. Chahat was about to enter bitt she received an emergency call from the hospital. Neel came back and saw the cake was destroyed, and the pieces of their marriage certificate.

Neel saw an envelope with a note and divorce papers. It was written that “ being a doctor, it is against my personality living in a cowshed so we should apart from each other” Neel was shocked to read this.

Episode End


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