Birthdays are special because you were given the gift of life : Ranaksh Rana

Actor Ranaksh Rana is celebrating his birthday on 25th November and he feels lucky to be surrounded by good-hearted people. For him, that’s the main celebration. He says,” I don’t usually make a big deal of the day but I don’t stop my friends and family from expressing their love for me.
I used to feel giving importance to one day may lessen the value of the remaining 364 days. But I have come to realize that this day marks the beginning of how beautiful life on earth can be. And now I embrace it as a day to be grateful. I believe that if you are happy at heart, whatever you do and wherever you are, it will be a celebration.” Speaking about his birthday rituals he adds,”

On every birthday, I like to look back on how the year has been and then trace the journey over the years. That itself fills me with gratitude.
Instead of a birthday ritual, I like to add something new that I can continue for the rest of the year and not just a one-time affair.
Like last year, I started this habit of starting my day with a peaceful mind and not looking at my phone immediately after I wake up. I have continued doing that. As a birthday gift you can always buy materialistic things when you need and want them. Birthdays are special because you were given the gift of life. Being able to be an artist in life itself is a gift that I give to myself everyday.” When asked about his birthday wishes, he says,” My wish is to lead my life in a magical way and have the calmness to deal with any adventure that comes my way.
My will is to keep working on my craft and never stop upgrading myself. Where there is art, there is hope. And isn’t hope a beautiful thing?” Rana has done a music video with Ellie Avram titled Fidaai earlier.