Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 13 June 2021 Weekly Written Update

Sath nibhana Saathiya serial is a sequel of the first season, in which a girl named Gehna who is a maid gets married to the Owner’s son named Anant. She is struggling to manage all the relationships where everyone is criticizing her for being Maid in their house. Due to some circumstances, Anant married Gehna to save her.

we saw Anant and Gehna come outside to bring Kanak home, but they couldn’t find Kanak there. Anant blames himself for everything. Anant said that Pankaj can’t live without her. Anant starts crying and said that what will he say to everyone. Gehna says Anant to calm down. Gehna says that he has to fight and win this situation. Kanak remembers everything and going somewhere. Kanak is shocked. The police called Desai’s and said that an accident had occurred and ask her to come and check the dead body. Kanak’s mother slap Pankaj. She said that why he left her. She said that if anything happens to her, then she will destroy Desai’s family.

After all this, Anant comes and told her that Kanak was wrong. Anant said that Gehna always helped her, but Kanak always betrayed her. goes to check the dead body. everyone gets relaxed after knowing that this is not Kanak’s body. Jigna comes and starts blaming everyone that they are not treated Kanak well in this house. Hema thinks that everything happens because of Gehna. She has to pay for this. Hema Apologize to Kanak and said that she doesn’t do anything for Kanak. Jigna comes to Gehna and slaps her. Gehna gets a nightmare where Kanak comes and starts blaming her for everything. Gehna Apologize to her. Kanak said that she did what she wanted. Gehna said that she is getting her wrong. Gehna said that she never wanted to break the house. Kanak said to her that successfully destroyed her. Hema also comes and starts blaming Gehna. Anant sees Kanak and told Gehna that she is here. Gehna told everyone that Kanak is found.

due to this, The goons tried to touch Kanak. Anant comes and savesKanak. A man comes and saves Anant and said that fight should be from the front, not from the back. Jigna asks them to bring some food for her. Hema calls Jigna and said that she wants to talk to Kanak. Jigna said that she is not talking. Everyone asks for Kanak. Everyone gets worried for Kanak. Anant told them that she is with Jigna in her house. Gehna said that she will bring her later. Hema vows that she will not spare her. Hema says this time she will destroy her completely. Tiya comes and gives the bouquet to Anant and said that this is for Gehna. Anant read the letter.

Anant told Gehna that someone sent a bouquet for her. Anant asks Gehna that she has to study from tomorrow. Anant says that he will make her study timetable. Tiya and Hiral come and teases Gehna and said that Anant is so strict towards studies. Gehna give Praful his medicine and said that she has so much work to do. Baa asks Gehna to hang this protection in front of the wall. Anant scolds Gehna for coming late. Paresh watches them. Paresh asks Anant that he should be lenient with Gehna. Gehna comes to hang the protection. Gehna is about to fall, but Krishna saves her. Gehna introduced Krishna to all. Krishna makes everyone laugh. Krishna told that he is writing a play. Paresh said that Anant also loves to watch play. Anant asks about his qualification. Krishna said that he did a postgraduate in English course. Hiral says that this is weird that he is talking to everyone like he knows everyone.

Krishna, ask about her family. Krishna asks about Tiya. Gehna asks why he is asking about her. Krishna said that someone wants to harm her. Gehna asks him not to misguide her. Hema think to harm Gehna. Hema said that she thinks that she should cook food, but Gehna is here so Gehna will cook the food. Gehna is talking too much. Everyone gets stunned to see Gehna’s new version. Anant is watching them from behind. Everyone gets shocked to see them talking. Anant smells something and thinks that Gehna is in Kitchen. Anant rushes to the kitchen. Tiya instructs him to wrap a wet cloth on the cylinder.

Krishna told everyone that he will bring her luggage from the hotel tomorrow. Paresh said that if Anant’s friend can live in the house, then Gehna’s friend can also stay here. Anant thinks that Gehna goes shopping and she left her study today. Gehna is in the room. Gehna told Anant that he makes a study Time table for her, so how could she go shopping. Anant gets happy. Hema calls Jigna and told her that Gehna’s friend has come. Hema asks Kanak that she will take her revenge. Jigna asks Hema that if she truly hates her, then why she didn’t do anything before. Anant praises Gehna for doing well. Tiya asks why she is doing happy. Gehna told her that Anant praises her today. Krishna gifts Gehna. gehna gets happy. Krishna challenges him to play the game. Anant refuses to play the game. Everyone starts playing the game. Anant comes and agrees to play the game. The girls team won the game. Hema plans to kill Gehna.

It is interesting to watch what will happen next. Stay tuned for more updates and keep watching Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2

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