Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25 November 2021 written update – Swara’s next plan

At the beginning of the episode, Anant told Sapan that Gehna is fine and said that she is suffering from fever where he sees Kusum where they are trying to die. Anant comes and said that why they are doing this where Kusum says that how they face Gehna where Anant says that he will talk to her where Anant comes to Gehna and said that she should give her another chance where Gehna says that she will not give her any chance and said that she will find some other house for them. Anant says that they will do the same thing again.

Gehna leaves from there where Kusum comes and thanks to Anant. Anant says that they will handle Gehna. Gehna comes to the dinner table where Anant asks her to take a rest where Kusum and Swara come there where Baa is leaving and say that she is not hungry. Gehna asks Kusum and Swara to go into the room and asks them that she will send food to her. Anant says that tomorrow is Pankaj’s birthday. Everyone goes to wish Pankaj where Pankaj is Missing.

Pankaj comes outside and said that who called him here where Swara says that she called her to celebrate his birthday where Pankaj said that what she is doing where she says that she wants to celebrate her birthday only. Swara tries to get close to him and hugs him. Gehna comes there and sees them together where Gehna asks Pankaj to go home where Gehna told Swara that what she is doing. Swara says that she only comes to celebrate his birthday where Gehna asks Swara not to lie where Gehna slaps her and said that she has to leave this home. Swara and Gehna fight with each other. Swara intentionally falls down and gets hurt.

Swara gets injured where everyone takes care of her where Kusum blames Gehna and said that why she did this with her sister where Baa asks Kusum that she doesn’t know her daughter. Baa says that if anyone says against Gehna then no one will spare her. Anant asks Swara to come with him. Gehna asks Kusum to leave this house by tomorrow.

Gehna comes to Baa and Apologizes for everything where Gehna says that she will do everything like before where Baa says that she will not forgive her but she trusts her and asks her to do everything like before. Anant and Praful looks on.

Kusum told everyone that Swara is missing where everyone says that she goes somewhere where Kusum says that she is tense whereas Hema said that they are doing drama every day where Gehna says that she will find Swara and thinks about her. Anant says that if Swara doesn’t come in one hour then they will go to the police station. Gehna looks on.

Upcoming story: Pankaj and Swara come there after getting married where Baa gets Shocked to see them. Swara challenges Gehna where Gehna says that she will expose her.

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