Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26 November 2021 written update – Pankaj and Swara gets married

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum gets happy that her plan gets work where Pankaj comes there and asks about Swara where Kusum says that why he is saying about this where Kusum shows the letter to Pankaj where Pankaj reads the letter and leaves from there.
Gehna is working in the kitchen and gets lost in her thoughts where Anant comes and asks what happened with her. Anant says that he is also tense about Swara. Anant takes Gehna to the room.

Swara is waiting for Pankaj where Pankaj comes there and asks what happened with her. Swara asks don’t come to her otherwise she will jump. Pankaj says that is why she wants to die whereas Swara says who will accept her where she manipulated Pankaj and said that she is working everywhere to feed her family and now no one respects her and loves her. Swara asks him to let her die where Swara says that who will marry her now whereas Pankaj says that he will marry her where Swara’s plan gets successful. Pankaj decides to marry Swara.

Baa is Worried for the family where Baa says that they are going to be happy today but because of Swara they can’t be happy. Baa asks Hema to take the Aarti plate where Gehna goes to take the Aarti plate where Gehna opens the door and sees Pankaj. Gehna gets Shocked to see them. Pankaj says that he married Swara. Baa says that she will not accept her. Kusum says that she doesn’t see her daughter’s marriage where everyone goes against her whereas Pankaj says that he is happy to marry Swara. Tiya says that how could someone feel instantly where Hiral says that she can understand but Marrying with her is not the solution where Pankaj fights for Swara. Everyone gets Shocked. Pankaj says that he feels better with Swara and said that he never feels like a husband with Kanak. Everyone gets Shocked.

Pankaj and Anant fight with each other where Praful asks them to stop where Pankaj said that Anant is his favorite son. Swara apologizes to everyone where Baa asks her t stop where Pankaj says that he did wrong and Apologizes to her. Baa throws Swara out and asks Pankaj not to interfere where Swara requests her to let her live inside. Baa says that she can’t live here. Pankaj says to Baa that he will also not live here without Swara. Pankaj says that he is going with Swara where Baa gets upset and asks them to stop. Baa gets emotional and asks them to stay here.

Baa is Crying and said that her family gets a break where Gehna assures Baa that nothing will happen with this family where Baa throws glass and asks Gehna that she told her not to bring her. Baa says that Kanak make Pankaj Life hell and now Swara. Baa asks Gehna if she will never forgive her.

Upcoming story: Swara asks Gehna to touch her feet where Gehna makes her fall where Gehna asks her that she will never let her win whereas Swara says that she will show who will win.

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