Sasural Simar Ka 2 14 October 2021 written update – Gitanjali Devi turned down her decision

At the beginning of the episode, Gitanjali Devi tells Sandhya that her one slap made a loss of 12 crores. Gajander tells Gitanjaali Devi that he enquired about Mohit he is not suitable for Aditi. He scolds him for taking Sandhya’s side. Gitanjali Devi says if she got to know about Mohit’s behavior then why she didn’t inform previously. Sandhya says she didn’t commit any mistake. Gitanjali Devi says from being a normal school teacher she gained a lot of things from this house and if then also she is willing to go then she can.

Simi was thinking about how to stop Sandhya. She was not getting any idea. Suddenly she says Sandhya won’t go anywhere. Simi tells Gitanjaali Devi that she can’t deny that Sandhya respects her a lot. And this time she had committed the mistake. Giriraj scolds Simi for blaming Gitanjali Devi. Aaraav asks Simi what she is saying? Gitanjali Devi told them today no one will speak in between.

Simi showed the old photographs to prove what all sacrifices Sandhya did for this family. She tells Gitanjaali Devi when she was busy with her work, Sandhya handled all the responsibilities of this house. Simi says she kept on making big deals as she knew that Sandhya is there for doing the rest of the things. Simi made Gitanjali Devi feel about all the efforts and sacrifice of a housewife. Everyone gets tears in their eyes. Simi says we should apologize to her and she will.

Simi questions Gitanjaali Devi when she will consider all the daughter-in-law as her own daughter. She asks whether she would give the same punishment to the male members of the house. Simi told Sandhya that she haven’t done anything wrong. She says Mohit deserves that slap as he misbehaved with Aditi and her too. Simi asks can anyone value Aditi’s happiness and how narrowly she escapes from that toxic marrige.

Sandhya and Aditi started moving out of the house. Simi says if today she left the house then this house won’t be home anymore. She says there won’t be any satisfaction of a house if they left. Sandhya and Aditi were about to leave. Giatanjali Devi stops them and tells Aditi to take back Sandhya to her room. Everyone gets happy hearing this. While going upstairs Sandhya gives blessings to Simi. Aarav feels proud of Simi as she stayed on her promise.