Sasural Simar Ka 2 15 October 2021 written update – Vivan handover the divorce papers to Reema

At the beginning of the episode, Aditi took her mom back upstairs. Gitanjali Devi says it was their personal matter so how dare Simi spoke about it. Aarav was trying to take Simi’s stand but Gitanjaali Devi said only six days are left. She scolded Simi for opening the knot by own and trying to make her understand. Gitanjali Devi says this girl is poison to our family. Aarav was trying to say something but Gitanjaali Devi told him to be quiet. She tells Simi to pack her bags and get lost from this house.

Aarav followed Gitanjaali Devi and request her not to do like this. Gitanjali Devi said one day she has to go so what’s the big deal. Sandhya was about to interrupt but Aditi told her this is not the right time to say anything. Gitanjali Devi arranged a sand timer in the hall and tells Simi that she is having only 24 hours left. After that, this girl will leave this house without any objection.

Gitanjali Devi was talking to her supervisor and told him to free their trucks as soon as possible. She saw Gajander a little worried and told him not to worry she will fix the issue. Gajender says all her decision is right but why she told Simi to leave this house immediately. Gitanjali Devi told him she don’t want to give any justification as she knows what she is doing.

Giriraj says she took the right decision as she speaks in between elders every time. Giatanjali said he is also doing the same thing which she doesn’t like. Giatanjali Devi told Gajander not to think much about it. There Gupta ji and Rana ji decided to use Giriraht against Gitanjali Devi as he hates her mom a lot.

Vivan and Aditi were telling Simi that they won’t let her go from this house. Simi says it was already decided and now she can’t hurt them anymore. Vivan said if she will go from this house then Aarav’s happiness will also go along with her. Simi tells Vivan to give her a promise that he will take care of Aarav. Vivan told her if any problem occurs she would share it with him. Reema was listening there conversation. She gets jealous seeing both of them talking together.

Later Reema tells Vivan that Simi is getting what she did to others. Vivan told her there is a big difference between you and Simi. He told her she need to be dragged out of this house, not Simi. Reema told him no one can drag her out of this house. Vivan handover the divorce papers to Reema. She gets shocked seeing those divorce papers.