Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani written update 25 July 2021 weekly

Star Plus’s popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi ki Kahani is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

Last week we saw that, Anokhi refuses to stop the protest. She tells Shourya that the way he trust Alok chachu in same way she trust Priyanka. On the Other hand Ahir gets a eviction notice for giving shelter to Babli. Then he goes to the owner and tries to convince him but when he doesn’t get him, he tells him a lie that he is going to marry Babli and the owner gives him the permission to stay there. Next day in th college media comes and puts allegations on Alok and are asking questions from Anokhi.

Shourya shouts at the media and ask them to leave. He also gets angry on Anokhi that why she is doing this and does she have any evidence against Alok. Then she shows him the recording which Priyanka have. Shourya is shocked after listening to this. Tej ask Shourya to make Alok write an apology letter. Next day, Alok is feeling bad for himself, Shagun goes to him and decided to help him. Shagun made Priyanka write an application in which it is written that Anokhi has forced her to defame Alok. Shagun makes her do this by luring her that she will get her a scholarship and will also get her brother a job in this college.

Priyanka does the same in front of everyone and puts all the blame on Anokhi. Shagun also make the fake recording of Anokhi. Shaan supports her but shourya doesn’t say anything. Tej and Devi ask Anokhi to leave the house. Shaan tells Anokhi that she should go from this house where no one trust her and respects her. Meanwhile, Vineet creates a scene in the society of Ahir and Babli. Then she shows him the divorce papers and ask him to sign them otherwise she will tell everyone what he has done to her. Then he signs the papers.

Shaan tells Anokhi that he Will talk to Shourya. She says to Shaan that if Shourya had trusted her, he would have supported her in front of everyone like he did. Shourya ask Devi and Tej that how could they ask Anokhi to leave this house. Shourya says that he believes Anokhi more than himself. Ahir goes to the college for the investigation of the blames on Anokhi. He crossed check Priyanka and get to know that she is lying.

He also tells Everyone that they have tested the recording and according to their test that recording of Anokhi is fake. Shourya puts pressure on Priyanka to tell the truth and says that he knew she is under some pressure because be got to know that her brother has got a job in this college even after the fact that he is under qualified for this job. Ahir also tells her that if she lies then a case can be filed against her.

Then Priyanka tells the truth that Anokhi hasn’t done anything. Alok gets nervous and says that this was all the plan of Shagun. Shaan terminates Shagun from he job. Shourya ask Alok to sign the apology letter. Shourya decided to leave his house. He says to devi and Tej that they both only cares about their traditions. He says no one is happy in this house and he wants to spend rest of his life according To him. Then he goes to Anokhi and tells her that he will always live with her and supports her. Ahir also told Anokhi that Shourya is the one who ask him to come to the college for investigation.

Tej and Devi ask Alok to leave the house. Later, They both goes to Anokhi and apologise to her. They also apologise to Aashtha. Devi Says that they don’t want Shourya to live his life like Shaan and they will try to change themselves for their family. Anokhi denies to go with them and Shourya also supports her. Later, Shourya Anokhi and Aashtha Shaan decided to go back to Sabherwal house. Tej and Devi gets happy to see them and the family reunites.