Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani written update 17 July 2021 Anokhi puts allegations on Alok

At the beginning of the episode, When Anokhi is telling Gayatri that Alok has molested her friend, Everyone overhears her. Tej shouts at her and tells her that could she say something like that about his family. He says that someone will come and tell you anything and you will trust her. He ask her if she has seen anything? Anokhi tells him that she hasn’t seen anything but she heard it from her friend who is crying and she also have evidence against Alok that he has molested her.

Shaan says that she is putting very serious allegations, is she sure about it? Shourya ask her that they will see about this matter. Alok says to Anokhi that he never takes her side in home that doesn’t mean he is a man of this type. He says how can I do something like that with a girl of my daughter’s age. Then Anokhi goes to her room. There Shourya tells her that he bought flowers for her so that they can patch up and live like a normal husband and wife but she again started this drama. Anokhi says that she is not doing drama.

He says why she always get involved in everything. He tells her that the way she is reacting can cause problems in this house. She tells him that she is the head of student council and also she is thinking from the female point of view. Then Tej comes and tells Shourya that Priyanka has officially complaint about it and they have to go to college urgently. Devi says that Anokhi being the head of student council must have asked that girl to do this. Anokhi says that she hasn’t asked her to do this but she has done the right thing.

Then in the college Bebo and kitty goes to Priyanka and says to everyone standing there that Priyanka is lying. They tell Anokhi that she should support her family because her father can’t do this thing. Anokhi says that she understands their feelings but when the truth comes out after the proper investigation then they will be able to understand her. Meanwhile, Shourya, Tej, Shaan and Alok are discussing about this matter. Alok gets confused in his own answers. Shourya says that they have to do the proper investigation about this matter.

Alok says that he is thinking wrong about him because of his wife. He says that he hasn’t done anything. Tej also says that Priyanka is lying because A man from Sabarwal family can’t do anything like this. Shourya says that he believes Alok but this is the case of women’s right and this a serious allegations so they have to look deeper into it. Anokhi ask Shourya what happened inside. He tells her that they have decided to investigate this case. Then students have started shouting slogans against Alok and Also ask Anokhi to join them. Shourya ask Anokhi to stop them as it will hamper the reputation of thier college, but Anokhi refuses to do this.

UPCOMING EPISODE- media comes at Their college And ask Anokhi about this matter because she is the head of student council.