Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani written update 20 July 2021 Shagun supports Alok

At the beginning of the episode, When Anokhi narrates the recording, everyone trusts her. Alok says that she is lying it is not his voice. Anokhi tells him that he can cross-check this voice by the voice authentication system. She tells him that they can go to the police but Priyanka only wants his apology. Tej also shouts at Alok. Shourya ask him how could he do this to a girl and how could he be so insensitive? Tej ask Shourya to make Alok write an apology letter and give one copy to Priyanka. Shaan tells Alok that we all knew that Anokhi never lies and still we have trusted you.

Alok says that he is not going to write any apology letter. Shourya says that he has to write the apology letter at any cost. Shaan tells him that of he doesn’t write the apology letter then they will not support him if anything happens to him. Later, at home Alok tells Devi that Anokhi is lying. Devi tells him that why a girl will do fake recording just to defame him. Then Shourya says that he should have trusted Anokhi before. Bebo and Kitty still believe Alok and tells Everyone that Anokhi has done this to defame their father.

Alok gets happy when his daughters support him. Tej ask him to shut up. Then he tells Anokhi that next time if she stands opposite of this family then he will not let her live here. Shourya defends her and says that Anokhi has done the right thing and she is just supporting her by telling the truth. Tej says that she can ask that girl to don’t create a scene and she can solve this matter peacefully but she didn’t. Anokhi says sorry to Tej and tells him that she is just supporting that girl because she is also a girl.

If she doesn’t support her now then her confidence get lost forever. Then in their room Shourya apologises from Anokhi. He tells her that she is always right and her trust wons. Anokhi also apologise to him but he stops her and says that today only he will says sorry to her. Anokhi says that she is feeling bad for Gayatri, Bebo , kitty and Kanchan. Then they share some quality time together. The next day, Alok is feeling bad for himself in college. Shagun goes to him and decided to help him because she wanted to humiliate Anokhi in Shaurya’s eyes. Then she shows a letter to Shourya in which Priyanka has wrote that she has done all this because Anokhi has asked him to defame Alok. Everyone is shocked.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Devi and Tej ask Anokhi to leave the house. She tells them that she will leave the house but before that she wants to meet Shourya but they didn’t let her meet him.